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    I don’t want to use Google Analytics, because I don’t want a plugin spy on my visitors. That’s why I look for a alternative, which don’t upload collected data to someone who even sell the data.

    Does this plugin upload collected data and is there an installation guide for WordPress?


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  • Hi Maxmoon,

    i’am not the owner of this plugin, but i’am trying to give you an answer.

    This plugin configures your wordpress instance to fill in the tracking code from your own piwik instance.

    With this tracking code you are able to track the visitors of your wordpress site.

    This plugin don’t upload any data to any location by itself.

    Please read about what piwik is doing. With this you will get a better overview what’s happen with your data.
    This link is a good start for understand what piwik is doing:

    you ‘re welcome

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    I’ve read it but the part “No data storage limits” let me think it will be stored somewhere where data is welcome. But if I get it right, I can choose between local storage and cloud storage.

    Does a guide exists which explains how to install a piwik instance on a web server to use it with WordPress or is there even a plugin which can install it automatically?

    Hi MaxMoon,

    you are right. You have two ways to use it. Once is to use the cloud storage, the second is to use your own server. Some of the people use a webspace for this, but i would recommend you an own small server.
    I have a rootserver with all of the following work to do.
    Local storage is the installation by yourself. The plugin’s work is only to help you to configure your wordpress instance to insert the tracking code.
    If you are interested to setup a new piwik instance by yourself, please read the piwik documentation.

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    Exactly. First, Piwik is a standalone web analytics tool. You are free to install Piwik anywhere you want.

    The Piwik user guide is located here: https://piwik.org/docs/ Chapter 3 is a description of the setup process: https://piwik.org/docs/installation/

    Afterwards, you can configure WP-Piwik. If the plugin’s description is not sufficient for you, have a look at this blog entry on how to setup WP-Piwik: https://piwik.org/blog/2015/05/wordpress-integration-wp-piwik-1-0/

    Optionally, you can also use a cloud hosted Piwik service like Piwik PRO. They take care of your Piwik instance, but, of course, you will sent your data to their server.

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