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    1) a3 lazy load
    2) Autoptimize
    3) Cache Enabler
    4) Fast Velocity Minify
    5) WP Disable


    The less plugins that I have, the better, so please let me know your thoughts!

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  • This plugin just copy other plugins into one. Don’t expect it to do the hard job. Do you know how the developer work hard for keep running maintaining support and update such big plugin like Autoptimize that use on 600k sites? That mean it has been used and tested more than millions times. So don’t expect this plugin to do that job for you. This plugin can only copy small job to avoid the conflict. You also should not expect for support!

    Right, but you actually didn’t answer my question.

    I wanted to know which, if any, plugins I can deactivate and use Clearfy instead…

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    Hi @beststockstrategy,

    We will soon implement the functions of these plugins from your list, now I’m building a team of developers to speed this process.

    Clearfy plugin has all the functions of Wp disable.

    Best regards, Alex

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Hi @emilybkk,

    We use the best practice of other optimization plugins, not just copy someone else’s code, we optimize it, improve and implement our project. Autoptimize once had the same number of installations as our plugin, perhaps we will also come to this. Many plugins have a lot of installations, but are poorly coded, they do not have a friendly interface and rare updates.

    Best regards, Alex

    Now some plugin are update example Gonzalez. What you guy gonna do? Going to copy them code again?

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    Have you looked at the code for my plugin, and are you 100% sure that I have copied the code for Gonzalez? I’m not going to listen to your filthy accusations. Did you do something useful for the WordPress community?

    Oh I should have won lotto. I did know that you are going to say that lol. I would like like to talk with you guy also. Not worth my time at all. Copy of not you know yourself.

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Can you provide proof of copying Gonzales plugin or do you have to throw out your hatred of me? I also advise you to read what a GPL license is.

    It seems that you do not understand that WordPress plugin can be copied and changed by other developers. But I did not copy the Gonzales plugin, but took his idea and made my plugin.

    I’ll ask you one more time. Did you do something useful for the WordPress community?

    Only the idea? Your interface also look close to the old version of the Gonzales. I understand the GPL license but the way you did it is so ugly.

    I am a writer. I write about WordPress plugins and themes. I give free knowledge for the community. I also speak at WordCamp. I review many plugins and write over 170+ articles.

    First I thought your plugin is going to be good for replacement of many plugins (including Gonzales that you say thanks to them but seem they not accepted). And I was thinking to review and introduce it to the reader I am very disappointed by the way you start your plugin even the user interface is friendly and easy to use. I have nothing to lost I am not sale any plugin actually I should be happy that I can use pay plugins for free but that just not me. I expect something better and real develop for the community more than the copy cat.

    The way you ask me what I give back to the community look like that you really confident that you are better than others. Many people do something for this community not just by develop plugin. Maybe you forget about that. I don’t have to represent myself anything to against you. It just my opinion and I should have put it as my separate review but it seem not worth my mentioning at all.

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    There are several plugins with a similar interface, to example perfmatters. But it is similar because, I find it very convenient to use. Maybe in the future, I can make it even better.

    I spend a lot of time working with free plugins. You can write about the Gonzales plugin, because they have an affiliate program or you somehow related to the development. Nobody wants to tell about my plugins, because I can not offer them money.

    It’s very difficult to make a free plugin and I do not get any thanks from it. I will continue to improve and develop my plugins, maybe in the future your opinion will change.

    I’m sorry if I offended you somehow! I’ll listen to your opinion when I update the plugin. You really do a lot for the WordPress community!

    You are so wrong about me either. I never know that Gonzales already have affiliate until you told me and I go to check them website. I notice about this plugin and yours because I have use this plugin for long time since they are no affiliate. I paid to use it on my website and when I see it work good then I wrote about it. I wrote about “Plugin Organizer” plugin earlier as it is free but it is more difficult and complicated to use for normal user. You think that I only write plugins that give me the commission but this is also wrong. Most of my article are focus on good quality free tools first for the reader who has small budgets to have website running. It start from when I want to build my website to show of my Makeup portfolio when I was a makeup artist. I notice that there are not so many knowledge articles in my language and so many people struggling with what how to setup website and also how to use plugin etc. You may notice that my english is not so good english isn’t our language and here people are poor in english that why I have to write many articles to teach people how to use and setting plugin. I spent years looking for good free plugins in repository and try them many time before I make a tutorial on how to use them. I just expect that it can help them fix problem. I am really happy when I found good looking plugin with friendly user interface and functionality but that is not all about it. I have donate to many free plugins when they ask for and I also ask my reader to do the same or at least give the feedback review when you think that plugin is help with your problem so the developer will be happy to keep develop.

    Money is not what I focus for. Writing is only my hobby. Playing with WordPress and writing about it is my passion. It keep me stick with my dream. If I want to get a lots of money I can just open private course better than waiting for the commission as people pay much more for 1 day class. I not write in English and my target is normal user who don’t have much money so the affiliate I get from some article is only enough to keep site running and pay for other premium plugins. I just want to help people that have small budget to build them website as one website can be expensive and a lots of maintain. I try to explain them how it work from the beginning to how to optimize them for Google or for real speed this is how I come to your plugin. I didn’t come here because of I am your enemy! I put my time and my work hard on research and building test again and again to make sure that it could help and not so difficult to archive for normal user. I normally only write about stuff that I have use and see if it is good because I don’t have much money to spend for many premium plugins/theme too. Except sometime they give me free access to use it for review.

    Even I am not developer but it does not mean that I not working hard to help people. And I also respect the developer no matter there are paid or free stuff as long as it help to solve our problem. That why something like copy stuff is really bother me. Other website copy my article too but I know I can make it better than them as the original. So I respect all the creator.

    I don’t know what is your business plan in the futures and I am not your competitor. I am sorry if my opinion hurt you. You can add more value to your plugin by making unique features that not just copy ideas from others but make it much better from the one that you copy from. I am sure it could be better and I am expect to see that in the future. Unless you only want to be them shadow. For my experience I not care about the number of installed plugins if they are professional with what they doing. That is why we have separate plugin for backup, security, optimize, cache etc. I hope this plugin will not be just a merge plugins. I will be more than happy to introduce you to another.

    Hmmm… this thread got out of hand quickly.

    I don’t think any developer who’s providing a free product and service should be criticized when they have good intentions.

    Even if he copied something (which I don’t believe he did), but if he can improve upon an older plugin that’s no longer being updated, then that’s adding value.

    Facebook wasn’t the first social network. Zuckerberg improved upon Myspace and Friendster.

    I love Thailand by the way. The islands are amazing.

    One thing I might suggest is that if your plugin replaces WP Disable, which is kinda popular, you may want to consider creating a YouTube video tutorial of the 2.

    Something like, “Clearfy vs WP Disable. How to Configure Clearfy and Why Clearfy is Better than WP Disable”

    That way you can siphon off some of WP Disable’s users.

    Gaining traction is a SLOW process (unless you’re willing to pay people for exposure).

    But as long as you create great products AND make it easy to use AND create content to market your products, then… in the long run, you’ll do very well 🙂

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    @emilybkk Sorry delay for reply, I read your great message, but I could not answer right away. English for me is not native, it’s hard for me to write on it, but I’m trying to make it clearer.

    Some users come to express their anger, although there are a lot of sites on the Internet that resell other developer’s plugins and themes.

    Now I’ve realized that you are a very honest and good person! I was wrong about you, I’m very pleased to know that someone is fighting for the rights of developers! I very often encounter piracy, I need more people like you!

    I do not violate copyrights, but I use the code of some authors, since it is free to use. Other authors do the same, copy each other, because this code is debugged and works well. But I do not sell someone else’s work, if I take something, I try to improve it and give it away for free.

    You should understand that my goal is not to copy the entire WordPress plugin directory, but use only the frequently used functions. Also, my plugin is safe to use and updated. When a user has 50 plugins, where everyone has his own author, it’s difficult to be sure that all plugins are professionals and take care of the security and speed of their plugins. Some plugins can be vulnerable or very slow, because their authors are newbie.

    I want to build my future on trust, when users download my plugin, he is sure that my plugin is safe and fast. If it installs 50 plugins from unknown developers, it can not be sure of the quality of these plugins.

    If you need my help, just write! I am very happy to talk with you and help you! By the way, I’ve always dreamed of going to Thailand, it’s really a beautiful and paradisiacal place for freelancers.

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    You have a great attitude 🙂

    And yes,your reputation and brand are everything.

    Keep up the hard work!

    We all appreciate and respect you

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Thank you!
    In the next plugin updates, I’ll try to surprise you!

    Just share your opinion about what you need for comfortable work so that I understand how to make the plugin better!

    Best regards, Alex

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