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    This is NOT a complaint…I’m just on a learning curve concerned about the status of my WordPress installation on my current Hosting Provider’s server. Here’s what this plugin shows me as of today:

    WordPress version 4.71

    PHP Version 5.6.27 (Build Date December 8th, 2016)

    MySQL Version 5.6.32

    APCu Version 4.0.11

    Will there be any lag time between when my Hosting Provider update WordPress Components and what displays in this plugin (it seems that some of these have been updated farther along)?

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  • Plugin Author Scott DeLuzio


    Hi there,
    This plugin won’t cause your site to be at risk for hacking unless a hacker already has entry to your site by some other means (i.e. they have your admin username and password).

    This plugin is more secure than traditional methods of retrieving the same information from your site. Other methods of getting this information would be by creating a file with the phpinfo function and uploading it to your site. The problem with this is the file will be accessible to anyone who can access your site normally – no username/password required.

    This plugin won’t expose any of the information publicly, and only is available to view to logged in administrators.

    As for any lag time, I suppose there could be some lag time if there is caching of the page that outputs the site’s information, or if there is a change made to the server configuration that hasn’t gone through yet. Sometimes the server needs to be rebooted in order for the changes to come through on this plugin. I’m not saying that’s the case in your situation, but it could cause a delay.

    Basically this plugin displays the most up to date information it has available to it at the time you are viewing it. If it is showing something incorrectly you may need to investigate whether or not a cache needs to be cleared, or perhaps a server needs rebooting.

    Thank you, Scott!

    That quickly answered my questions…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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