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  • I’m about to launch a new blog that will contain categorized entries on three different sports – football, cricket and hockey.

    Each entry will be filed under the appropriate category.

    There will also be a fourth category called ‘general’ for odds and ends.

    So far, so simple.

    However, what I’m after is a way to allow visitors to decide which category they view as their own, cookied default.

    In other words, Person A would arrive and be only shown entries from the Football and general categories.

    Person B would only see Hockey and general.

    Person C may have broader tastes and be shown football, cricket and general.

    The categories that they would see would have been chosen by them on their first visit and set as a cookie on their computer.

    Am I explaining this well?

    If so, does anyone know if this can be done with a plug-in – and if so, which one?



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  • have an html form to get their preference. store preference category with setcookie

    then put something like this on your blog page:

    $category = $_COOKIE['proper stuff here'];
    if($category) { query_posts('category_name=$category'); }
    <!-- run the loop -->

    i’ve left alot of wholes that you can fill in with the PHP documentation.

    … as for a plugin, i don’t know.

    That would sure make an interesting plugin.

    WP-Category Preference

    When you’ve got the rest of the code sorted out to your liking, please write it up somewhere and let us know, or write the plung in yourself.

    Many folks would benefit deeply from this sort of device.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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