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    Just curious what the plugin is actually providing that makes it any different than the one provided by Woo themselves?

    If anything, it seems to be lacking in some of the features provided by Woo..

    Specifically, I’m talking about the Express Checkout options.

    1. There are no options for the mini-cart (or did I miss that)?
    2. The responsive button options do not work (if you select “responsive, it defaults to “small”
    3. The button doesn’t seem to work on the Cart page itself (it’s just not there

    Besides this, the available choices seem to be pretty much the same as the Woo version, so really I’m just curious..

    The reason I tried this plugin, is because I’m lazy, and the one thing about the Woo PP Express button is that it’s always there unless you remove it by modifying the templates or hiding it with CSS, and also their mini-cart option to disable it just doesn’t work (requires php, which I’ve already done but felt annoyed that the setting they provide doesn’t work as it is supposed to).

    Anyway, I guess you can just take this as feedback, I won’t be using it (but I also won’t leave a review, negative or positive, because I just don’t see what the plugin offers that makes me want to use it).

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  • Plugin Contributor angelleye


    1. Yes, there are options to include the PayPal buttons in the mini cart. Just do a Find for “Minicart” on the Express Checkout settings page and you’ll see it. It’s a check box option.

    2. We have not had any other reports of the responsive buttons not working as expected. make sure to check your theme to see if it’s overriding something with the buttons. Also check caching / CDN services which can sometimes conflict when you make changes to style settings like that.

    3. You have to make sure you have the button enabled on the cart page (similar to Minicart).

    Our plugin has a lot more options for how/where to display various buttons. This gives you a bit more freedom and flexibility than other plugins.

    Also, you can see from the star ratings that we offer much better support. This is primarily because we are much smaller than Woo, and we are able to focus specifically on payment processing, which is our specialty. Woo has themselves spread very thin across a vast array of products and services, and they have millions of users to support. We are able to get people taken care of much more quickly.

    Also, we do have a lot of features and functionality that Woo’s integration simply does not have. Sadly, we do not yet have all of this information documented well enough that it’s clear. Some of it is, though.

    For example, our use of Auth and Capture is much more extensive.

    We also have product level options for sandbox (so you don’t have turn the entire site to sandbox mode), as well as things like billing agreements, options to disable shipping, etc.

    We have a number of unique hooks that other plugins do not offer.

    Beyond all of that one, one of the things our users like the most about us is that we are able to turn around feature requests much more quickly than Woo. This goes back to our support.

    When you submit a ticket to us we respond much more quickly than Woo in most cases, and if there is a bug or a feature you are requesting that we don’t have, we can often get it added for you very quickly. These are some of the advantages of working with a smaller company.

    That said, we have been PayPal specialists (certified developers) for nearly 20 years now. The reason this plugin came to be is because the original Woo plugins simply were not quality. We had to build our own just so it would function properly, and when we did that, we decided to release it to others as well.

    Since then, we’ve maintained a lead over other plugin options as we continue to add more features and functionality. Simply compare our settings page (which you seem to have skipped over since you missed some of those other basic options) and you’ll see we offer a lot more than other plugins.

    I hope that helps answer some of your curiosity. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks!

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