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  • will this plugin

    – list all page URLS and allow me to delete them including any unwanted Anchortext?

    Thee reason is – a hacker inserted malware which i already fixed – but its left a pile of unwanted anchortexts that show up on google search still

    Ive looked high and low through the db’s – all i could find were records of searchbots detecting the rogue urls – so i assume just deleting that data, wont fix my problem.

    I need to get to the source of where the page urls site in the db – so i can zap them:)

    tnx for any help!

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  • Hi, if you’re not seeing the url’s in the database, this plugin probably won’t help – it also searches the database for links, then tests if they are working. But if they aren’t in the db to start with, it won’t find them. I suspect you have a javascript file somewhere that’s NOT part of your database but has been inserted into your theme or the WP core, which is putting those URLS’s into your pages on the fly as they are served. Your best bet is probably to do a completely new, clean install into a new folder on your server, including reviewing all customized code you’ve created that you’re adding back to ensure it hasn’t been altered, and making sure that the wp-content/uploads folder only contains images, etc. Once you’ve tested and you know the bogus links are gone, replace the old site with the new one.

    I see

    I did find part of the problem which inserted a line in the vars.php that re-directed the urls to a domain called BOTVSBROWSER.COM – it also generated another php file in the /WP-includes/ which Wordfence detected as an older file that is no longer included in the current WP build – so that got deleted.

    The result now is – the anchortext is still in there – getting indexed by google, but no longer re-directs, except back to the main site FAQ page.
    Unfortunately Im not a js expert so unless i see something obvious, I wont know if its the culprit.

    Anyway – the re-build option was my first thought before anything – so I appreciate the validation:)

    many tnx

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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