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    Hi, I have a WordPress website which is working fine for one domain. Now I have installed multiple domain plugin and added two other domains but both domains are just redirecting to the main domain where the website is hosted.

    E.g. main domain and the other two domains are and

    Now when I access or all urls, pages etc. should automatically link with these domains.

    Is it possible?

    I read on domain description that “With Multiple Domain installed and properly configured, it’ll update all link on the
    fly. This way, the user navigation will be end-to-end under the same domain.”

    This doesn’t work for me.

    Thanks you.

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  • cdgio


    Same situation here:
    – I installed MD on WP 5.4;
    – WP is installed on;
    – I added and to MD;
    – When I access, it simply redirects to instead of keeping the with the contents of

    I’ve tried on the ISP server to have domain2 and domain3 resolving as ALIAS and as ADD-ON domains, but get the same results.

    Any clues?



    I found the tip on another post…
    The problem was that the secondary domains were been redirected to the main domain, and it cannot be redirected, just pointed to the main domain directory (supposedly on the same server).

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    I don’t get you. Can you please explain? For me, the other domains are added as Parked Domain on Siteground hosting where I have the website hosted.

    Can you please share the post link that has helped you solve this issue?

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    @cdgio can you please help me with this? Now the domains are working but end to end navigation doesn’t. The homepage loading properly on all three domains but other pages are being redirected to the first domain I added.

    Does end to end navigation works for you?




    I issue also the same problem. Have make also an alias domain, but anyway the second domain redirects to the main domain. Our host tells that the error is in the cms. Can you give some tips. I see I am not the only one. Thanks

    Plugin Contributor Gustavo Straube



    This is a question that has been asked repeatedly over time. The solution is usually related to DNS/domain set up on the hosting side. It’s hard to provide precise instructions for every scenario, since hosting panels/functionality changes from one company to another — not everybody uses cPanel, for instance.

    In any way, the general advice is:

    1. Make sure the DNS records for all domains point to the same server: IP for A records, or main domain for CNAME records
    2. Don’t use domain redirects. If you’re using Multiple Domain, you don’t want users to get redirected from additional domains to the main one
    3. Double check your web server is ready to handle those requests. If you’re seeing a CGI message or a default parked domain page, something is not set up correctly

    I hope the tips above can help you guys.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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