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  • A couple questions rolled into one:

    I use google’s jquery url in meta,
    My menus link to external pages not on the site,
    Occasionally in theme files I need to link to things that are on remote sites,
    I use fonts imported from google web fonts,

    Does this plugin cause issues with any of the above scenarios?

    I did quite a bit of reading but didn’t really get any good (recent) answers to the above questions. I got the impression that version 2.2 solved a lot of problems, but before I dive headlong into using this for a multi-developer-git setup, I want to know where the problems are that I will be facing.

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  • I have not had any problem linking urls on other sites or including scripts and files from other sites. The plugin only effect urls of the posts, pages, files and whathaveyou that is on your own site.

    There are a few issues with it that have been brought up in the support formum with some other combinations, so you’ll want to check if there’s any incompatibility with specific plugins you’re using and maybe apply a few tweaks.

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