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    I asked this in another of my threads that was about a different issue, but figured I’d start a new one for this because I don’t want to mark the other thread as “not resolved” again.

    Is there a plugin that will allow Super Admin to set a date in the site admin screen for sub-blog admins to be automatically demoted from admins to subscribers of their own blogs? My site is based on the concept of purchasing a term during which the user has admin access to their blog, and as of now, I’m having to keep term expiration dates on a calendar and go in and demote them manually when their terms are up. It would be awesome if there was a plugin that would let me set the term expiration date and just let it go. Bonus if it could also send the person being demoted an email telling them that their term is up (especially if it sent a warning email a week beforehand too!)

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    So apparently there IS a plugin that does this, kind of.

    Basically there’s a plugin called “Pay to Blog” that’s only available pay-for, and reports are that it doesn’t do all of what you want, and it’s buggy. I’ve never used it, this is ALL second hand info, and … yeah. That’s the best I can do for ya 🙁



    Well, at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe this will inspire someone?

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