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  • im not a word-press guy, im not a programmer or coder, i run a multitude of companies and my programmers do all the work. so if someone responds try not to use any thing a normal guy wouldn’t understand 🙂

    i am looking for something that i THOUGHT was a simple feature..

    i am looking to pay certain people who are referenced to the site.. i will explain.

    when someone sells something on my site, i make say.. 10 cents per dollar sold.

    site sells 1 dollar i get 10 cents.

    now . i have Scouts on my site.. they bring new people to the site.
    so when the new people sign up they use the scouts name as a reference.

    if that new person sells something on my site. instead of me getting 10 cents. i want to get 7 cents and pay the scout 3 cents per dollar from that person’s sales.

    i thought this was a simple already made program.. but programmers are telling me this is super amazingly ultimate complex and they want to bill me 25,000 dollars in hours to make this program.

    does this already exist? or is it true its going to cost me 25 grand just to get it working?

    anything will help thanks.

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  • dremeda


    Sucuri Wizard

    Hi there,

    Out of the box, WordPress is a content publishing platform, blog, and/or very customizable website management application.

    What your asking for, which is a bit vague, sounds more like some type of ecommerce/membership style site with affiliate capabilities. Although WordPress absolutely has the ability to be extended into pretty much anything, this does sound like a custom build, or at least a site with various plugins to do what you need it to do.

    If you have an opportunity to further explain what you’re trying to do, we may be able to find some plugins to assist you.

    ok, i have a site that is going to need traffic sent to it. lets say im making a book store. as an incentive to bring people to the site or rather look for people, the people who refer new customers get a CUT of whatever the new guys sell.

    so if i go out and tell you about the site, you think its awesome.. sign up. and start sellin books. i get 3 cents for every dollar you make on that site. but its not taken out of your money, its taken out of the sites money



    Sucuri Wizard


    That is called an affiliate program. Amazon has one, so do 1000’s of other online sites, products, etc.

    Out of the box this is not a WordPress functionality.

    If in fact you’re selling a product, there are various solutions to tie affiliate capabilities into your product sales.

    Here are a couple of popular ones:

    In the end, you may need some assistance to tie this in, but a 25k+ price tag doesn’t sound right with what you’ve explained.

    Hope this helps,


    im not selling a product. the customers are selling their product.

    i have a team of artists, the artists pay me 5 bucks a month to set up shop on my site. customers come in and buy art from the artists at affordable prices..

    affordable professional art more geared twords Comics / anime / manga etc.

    so now that the customer has this amazing looking comic now they wanna sell it.. on the same site.

    so now a customer can come in and look around and say oh hey that book is interesting and buy it for 2 dollars or whatever.

    out of that 2 dollars i make 20 cents. the guy who got that person to sign up gets 6 cents. thats all im trying to do.

    im not selling anything.



    Sucuri Wizard

    I see. Still along the same lines of what I posted but a bit more in depth. This is also possible but will take development time to accomplish.

    – Site with various store fronts / Artist profiles with art for sale
    – You charge a % to list the products & process the sale
    – Membership sign-up or at minimum affiliate sign up capabilities
    – Affiliate gains % based on referral rate established

    Makes sense. Again, this does not exist in WordPress out of the box, it can however be built, and/or assembled with various add-ons (plugins).

    You may consider contacting a WordPress specific development firm, or freelancer.


    the artists arent selling art like an art gallery. its pretty simple i think. basically

    a profile page showing what they have done and their art style.

    you can contact them directly and request art or i have a JOb board.. saying things like what the budget is.. what style.. how soon they want it done.. and the artists can look at the job board and snag it to take the job.

    the customer pays the artist, the artist gives the work to the customer ( i wanted to do escrow but apparently it doesn’t seem to exist..another thing i want but no one has done..)

    and the customer takes the file or zips etc. and goes to the store.. clicks upload and can upload a sample page or 2. enter a paragraph, set a price.. and attach a file. done deal.

    i dont want blanket affiliate gains because otherwise ALL affiliates would get money they didnt earn. i only want whoever got the reference in.

    person 1 gets person A to join. person a buys art. makes a comic. sells it.
    Site gets 10 cents and automatically gives 3 cents to person 1.

    person 2 gets person b. same scenario. person 2 does not get any money from person 1. because person A has nothing to do with person B

    were lookinga t something called E-store



    Sucuri Wizard

    All of these things make sense, but aren’t out of the box.

    You could easily do profiles with Multi Site & BuddyPress.

    The escrow, or payment piece is custom work, or an add-on.

    alright. any idea how i could find them as an addon cause we have been lookin for like 5 months.. and everyone i talk to wants to bill me 10,000 dollars plus



    Sucuri Wizard

    The fact being this is a bit complex may lead you into a dead end. There may not be an existing plugin that does everything you want.

    This was a good place to start, maybe some others will post with some further ideas.

    If not, I still recommend to find a good developer. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t exist, it will have to be created, and that will come at a price.

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