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  • I’m working on a design for a client right now and I’ve heard that some people have had troubles with the layout. According to the client, several of her visitors have complained that the layout does not center in the page and the text of the posts columns leaks out to the left side of the page is unreadable in the black background. Could someone please check the site out for me and let me know if they see this problem?

    I have checked this on several different computers and in several different browsers and have been unable to see any problems. If you do see a problem, could someone please let me know what they think might be causing the issues?

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  • Try taking care of the validation errors first:

    I have worked on the validation… the errors that are there now are related to either the scripts she wanted to run on her sidebar or the lack of “alt” tags in her images in her posts. Nothing that I could see that would cause display issues.

    Hey, if it works for you… Cool.

    Heh, I’d be tempted to think the same. But she’s really worried that it’s not displaying correctly for some people. My husband has said it could be an issue with the ISP people are using having a “proxy server” and they’re viewing a cached copy off the server and are unable to see the design changes. See, I’d been using a full width design the day before before we switched to the fixed width. However, some people are still viewing the content in the full width layout but the rest of the design images are from the fixed width design. Restarting computers and browsers doesn’t solve it.

    So I thought I would ask on here if anyone could go view the site and tell me if they saw any display problems. Does everything lay out the way it should? I’d be *very* appreciative of any feedback.

    popped it up in ie6, FF 1.5 and Opera 9 and saw the fixed/centered flavor in all 3.

    As an aside: The folks still seeing the full width flavor: Try having them clear browser cache or hitting ctrl + F5 to force a full page reload in their browser.

    I don’t see text overflow, but everything looks left aligned because of the ads on the right (I have script blocker stuff on my Firefox browser, so when I first go, I don’t see a centered site… until I enable the site to run scripts)

    And incidentally, there are more errors in the validation than just related to scripts and alt tags… things like td nowrap="nowrap" in table td attributes and so on might cause issues in some browsers.

    One thing you might also consider is the page size. At 1253kb you are effectively barring all but the most patient of users that have dial-up connections.

    The “wrap” “no-wrap” coding is from the google search code she wanted to use instead of the WordPress search form. So I don’t know to fix that without removing that section altogether.

    Yes, the site is rather graphic intensive. But that is the client’s perogative as she runs a hollywood gossip site that caters mainly to people who want to see lots of pictures.

    Again, my big issue was if the site displays correct for the majority of users or not.

    ok then.
    in 800×600 – not.
    in 1024×768 – looks left aligned because of the ads.

    sorry i tried to help elsewhere… since that’s not what you wanted.

    I appreciate the help. 🙂

    So you’re saying the site aligns to the left because of the ads? What is it in the coding that causes this, do you know?

    The site doesn’t load correctly in 800×600?

    If the ads don’t show up, it looks like it isn’t so much centered as “towards the left”. (like, for those running ad blockers). not much you can do there!

    If the browser screen is narrowed, your layout quickly becomes left aligned.

    I am using Seamonkey 1.0.2 on a fairly slow connection and I could not read any post text until the full page had loaded and the background appeared. I do suggest cutting down the size of the page to load faster.
    If someone has a problem with images they will see black text on black text, because the white background comes from the background image. Perhaps you should change the way the page works so that the whole background comes from that image (including the left hand side black). That way if the image does not load (or until it does), they will see black text on white background.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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