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    Once the account is connected to Google Tag Manager, do we need to remove the analytics code we’ve installed on the site to prevent double coverage?

    Loving the plugin so far

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    @adhdork Glad to hear you are enjoying the plugin, the team would love your feedback.

    Using the Tag Manager module is dependent on having the Analytics module active in Site Kit. When setting up Analytics via Site Kit you can choose an existing Analytics account. You don’t need to setup Analytics via Tag Manager, and in addition you can safely remove any Analytics containers within your Tag Manager account if you have any.

    Thank you for the clarification – I’d provide this in a review, but I can’t create a post yet – there might be a time limitation for new plugins

    This might have more to do with the documentation: I was having a helluva time figuring out the proper configuration while using Tag Manager, Optimize, and Analytics. There definitely is documentation for a lot of configurations, but it wasn’t clear which I needed to focus on.

    i.g. I thought that I was pretty solid when I put the Optimize and Analytics Tracking IDs as variables for Google Tag Manager, but then I saw instructions for other configurations with the gtag.js method. I didn’t know how to use the anti-flicker snippet until I stumbled on a line that said “put this ahead of Tag Manager”. I ultimately fell back to deciphering third party instructions.

    …but having that problem is great. I’ve dipped into Tag Manager before – even setting up basic settings for a client site using it – but I wouldn’t have thought to review the settings or even look at Optimize. I’ve recently been struggling with setting up/justifying results of independent AB testing, and Optimize is perfect for what I need.

    TL;DR: I can’t add a post or leave a review yet, but the Site Kit has already improved my experience with site config and analytics/performance review. Optimize (and the cool browser extension) opened my eyes to a better way to split test that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

    I know that I’m honeymooning the shit out of this, but this is a game-changer.

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    If you have Analytics set up through Tag Manager and Tag Manager set up, you should be okay.

    Here’s the article that I used to tie Google Optimize and Google Analytics into Google Tag Manager.

    Gist of the link is to define the Tracking IDs of Optimize and Analytics as constant variables/use those variables wherever IDs are requested (instead of the IDs themselves).

    So long as you have Tag Manager correctly installed on your site, anything you set up in Tag Manager (and push to the live site) is considered correctly installed in your site (pls correct me if I’m wrong).

    Plugin Support James Osborne


    @adhdork Excellent support there, many thanks!

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