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[Resolved] Does the paid amr events editor create event posts of ICS feed events?

  • Hi anmari,

    I am looking for a plugin that will import an .ics feed and create individual event posts as well. I’m not sure I found anything on your site that stated this explicitly, and the only plugin I know of that does this (All-in-One) is the one I’m trying to replace for a client, due to it being an ongoing problem with plugin conflicts and AJAX issues.



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    Hi Sonia,

    with the free version one can display events from ics file.
    The paid version adds in the ability to either just display events created in wordpress OR combine / intermingle manually created events with events from the ics file (or multiple ics files).

    “Importing” ics files is not as simple as it sounds – ics files can consist of multiple sections being modifications to files for certains dates with recurring items etc – the complexities of trying to represent that in wordpress posts are not trivial – not as simple as just displaying the data per dates.

    Hi anmari,

    Thanks for your response! That is what I thought/feared. The only plugin right now that achieves this is the All-in-One Calendar by Time.ly, and their system is too bloated and broken to be of use right now.

    The recurring events are definitely tricky, and I understand why that would be a considerable effort. Thanks for your time!



    I’m in the same boat with several clients that want to use Google Cal to “feed” the calendar on their site.

    In the past I have used “Stout Google Calendar” http://wordpress.org/plugins/stout-google-calendar/ which is old and no longer supported, but so far it does still work. I use it on this site to display a full agenda (you can set it up to display other views):

    The issue I have now is getting a Google calendar feed into a widget. It can be done with Stout Google Calendar, but the styling is not to my liking. So I started hunting for other solutions. I too found and tested the Time.ly plugin which has great potential but I ended up coming to the same conclusion as you …bloated and didn’t function correctly.

    Anyway, not sure if Stout Google Calendar will solve your problem but figured I would try and help when I read your post here.

    Good luck!

    I failed to mention that I have been able to use “amr ical events lists” to display a simple agenda widget fed from a Google ics feed on another site. Thanks anmari!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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