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  • I too am using w3c and cloudflare. it seems to be doing well.
    infact i setup a simple test bed with some images on a test website using cloudflare. Some images have Cloudflare CDN enabled and some don’t. Then I requested some friends to test it. Most of them could tell the difference in load time.
    Cloudflare CDN Image load test
    Only once I was sure I enabled it on my actual website.

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  • firstblood21


    Are you using w3c and cloudflare as a seperate plugin?
    because there’s a cloudflare settings @ w3c

    yes, separate plugins. i found it works best this way

    Sloppy Buns


    I checked your load test and unless I’m wrong the cloudflare enabled images loaded significantly slower for me than the disabled ones.

    Just to be clear the cloudflare enabled ones are the images with a blue border right?

    I must apologize, I accidently had broken the test bed while working on something else. When you tested, none of the images were optimized.
    I have fixed it now and yes, the blue border are Cloudflare enabled ones.
    To get true results, first clear your browser’s cache to delete all six images from your cache. Then use a browser to load the Cloudflare CDN test page. Once you do this, the cloudflare server nearest to you should have got the opportunity to cache the three blue border images. Then open up another browser and load the page again. What you see this time is actually what came from their server.

    Sorry for the goof up again 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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