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  • I was looking for an EASY solution to replace a nearly deprecated TABS plugin. After asking my questions I decided to install it and started inserting the shortcodes. I noticed that there was no codes offered to link between tabs (references leading to endnotes). Ah, but there is a PAID “addon” for $25 CAD. Sigh. OK, I didn’t want to face the mental gymnastics required to figure and configure this, so I bought and installed the addon.

    The addon – so far – does not link INSIDE another tab, only to the tab itself. Thankfully my client doesn’t have tons of endnotes so it’s not that huge a deal. I’m quite certain that with the proper classes and ids, I would have been able to hard-code this. But, I wanted to simplify my life a little so I bought the addon, and I thought it would encourage the developer.

    However, I was to quickly realize that there is yet ANOTHER ADDON FOR SALE that would “simplify” the task of customizing the tabs colors. I spend a couple days trying to “style” the ACTIVE tab, but the developer seemed to be hoarding the correct information, claiming the “documentation” had the correct instructions, if only I followed them.

    I DID follow the instructions, and ended up with an ‘accordion-style” vertical tabs, rather than the traditional tabs. The logic used by the developer isn’t clear to me. I was supposed to somehow disable some function that is pulling values from the css file, while I also needed to edit the css file with new values. ANyways, it didn’t work.

    SO – here I was again: I guess I will, HAVE to pay again, another $25 CAD in order to simplify my life. It was too easy, suddenly it hit me. Here is a plugin which has limitations, but is presented as a FREE plugin because it offer “addons” in order to be able to customize some very basic features that come stock with most other tabs I’ve looked at. But they haven’t been updated over the last 3 WP updates, so I wasn’t going to risk it.

    I was finally able to style the ACTIVE tab the way I needed (otherwise everything is white with a thin grey border indicating the live tab). I did not need to buy another addon.

    I rate this plugin 3 stars for this reason: I think the developer has a good product, he’s responding to requests in a reasonable delay (although he wasn’t very helpful in my case), and for those who don’t mind paying, it could be a no-brainer. I understand the needs to be supported, but “I felt” this is borderline deceiving. Either it’s a free plugin with limitations and a PRO version, either it’s a free plugin fully functional.

    I do recommend it. The shortcode code is lean, which I prefer, and it is responsive. If styling the tabs is not a high priority, I think you’ll be happy out of the box.

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  • Plugin Author cubecolour


    This free plugin is fully functional for what is was designed to do, and what it does is fully described in the documentationa and on the plugin page.

    The plugin is lightweight and there are no nags, banners, popups or other form of advertising in the plugin. No one is forced to buy optional add-ons if they want to have simple tabs on their site.

    The add-ons are all optional and were introduced in response to requests for aditional features which were not part of the scope of the lightweight free plugin.

    The documentation describes how to remove the default CSS so you can replace the styles with a custom version. The CSS is simple to understsand, and most people who have some CSS skills should be able to make their own set of styles to fit their needs, however as providing support for customisation of the free plugin is not within the scope of the free support I am able to offer, the cusomiser add-on was introduced as an option for non-developers to be able to customise the appearance of their tabs.

    To call this ‘borderline deceiving’ is disingenous and shows a lack of respect for plugin authors providing free software and free support.

    I will rephrase: borderline means “could be construed as.” Which comes to mind after spending 2 days trying to decipher otherwise simple CSS mods and feeling like I’m going in circles trying to get a clear answer to: “how do you call the attributes I need to modify, could you point me to the line it is on in tabby.css?”

    The readme file clearly states: “… experienced developers should be able to easily customise how the tabs display on their site by replacing the built-in CSS rules with a customised version (see note below for more details of this).”

    Keywords: experienced, developers, easily, replacing CSS rules. That’s developer talk. Not always wrong, but mostly vague.

    My version: “If you’re familiar working with CSS, you can modify the color values of the tabs. There are a few steps to go through to do this. First, it’s fairly easy to copy/paste the whole tabby.css code into your child theme’s style.css. But then, by trial and error, try to identify which elements need to be modified to control the appearance of the tabs. This could take some time and some playing around, contacting me, it may help, or it may not. The addon will simplify all this for you.”

    Unless we know exactly which class or id to target, there is going to be time wasted and frustration, Michael.

    I encounter this constantly with developers: they navigate this more easily because they know what names they gave to the classes and ids. We don’t. Using Chrome “inspect” will help to a degree, but ultimately we have to ask you. Why not include those in the readme file? I have already bought one of your addons. I trusted what you said: “…should be able to easily customise …” But easy it wasn’t. Which leads me to conclude that buying the addons is the only alternative. That’s why I called it “borderline.”

    Coloring tabs to fit our theme’s color scheme is a very basic need. Selling an addon to do this is also understandable. But even then it’s only a “starting point” as you stated in your readme file. Default values are usually the developer’s selections, and therefore it seems obvious we will look to personalize our tabs.

    Because I was finally able to finally clarify the process for myself, and succeeded in modifying the tabs colors, I will change my rating. But there is still an issue there with the information you share or not with us, users. I hope you will take that into consideration for your next update.

    As for your comment calling my comments a “lack of respect, free plugins,” that is a very general statement that suggests you don’t fully understand your audience. It’s an easy trap to fall into: “the developer victimized by the ignorant user.” But it’s wrong.

    The world of plugins is very uncertain, support is not always consistent through the support forums, plugins stop being developed, developers may rightly feel people’s frustration, when the plugin is presented as an “easy” solution. Then reality sets in for the user. I don’t know how to resolve the communication problem, except by continuing to communicate and explain what it is I need to understand.

    Understand that when we are working on a project for someone, with the clock running, and a deadline, we don’t have a ton of time or energy going back and forth with questions, and if we see that the obvious outcome / solution is to buy an addon to save time and avoid frustration, most will choose that option.

    Not all developers reply in a timely manner, in this regard, you are an exception. Check other plugin forums, you will see some have their last answered questions dating 2 years back or more.

    Between the “promises” made in the presentation of a plugin, and the actual results, it can vary wildly. So don’t mistake justifiable frustration with “lack of respect for plugin authors providing free software and free support.” I did purchase an addon for another set of features I was looking for, which was the main reason to select your plugin.

    From a user standpoint, it does however feel like a funnel. After spending/investing hours of work and really trying to make it work. Respect is important both ways, always. That’s why I try so hard to give as much information as possible, and try a million things before bothering a developer. His/her reply is important to me.

    Your plugin is good enough to have a free AND a premium paid version. I’d consider that if I were you. I could possible have opted to go for the Premium version.

    I hope this helps,



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