• A solid plugin that solves a tricky problem. We have a club website, including photo galleries, that I’d like to turn over to other members of the club. Using this plugin, I am creating an infrastructure where club members only have to maintain Google Photos albums; the plugin displays the galleries on our web site.

    About the 1-star reviews that complain the plugin doesn’t work: It definitely works, and it does a good job, but you have to configure it. Download a copy of the plugin to your local computer. The download package contains a ‘Read Me’ file that provides quick-start documentation that will help get the plug-in up and running.

    One tip: If you upgrade to the paid version (very reasonably priced and IMO well worth the cost), remember to link the upgraded version to your Google Photos account–the linkage won’t carry over from the free version to the paid version.

    All in all, a nice plugin that is pretty easy to use, once you find the Read Me file.

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