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  • It works, basically, but it’s really no-frills. For instance, one cannot control the absolute height of the module in the sidebar, only the number of posts displayed… So height discrepancies can be very important from one day to the other.
    Graphically, it needs heavy personalization to be interesting in any way.

    But well, at least, contrary to the Official Facebook plugin, … it works!

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  • Plugin Author bonnerl


    Thanks for the review, and insight. It’s good to have an outside perspective.

    It’s purposely simple style wise as there isn’t much I can do that is going to look good everywhere and I figure that most people installing this will probably want to style it to fit there context anyway.

    As to the height. That troubles me to and I may one day find a way to help that. If you want you could easily set the height on the div that contains the feed then set the overflow to auto; You’ll end up with a scroll bar if the content exceeds the height.

    Feel free to let me know if you ever have other ideas that could be helpful for improving it.

    Hi Bonnerl,

    Thanks for the tip on the scrollbar, it’s true that it works fine like that.

    I was a bit grumpy because I struggled to try and implement a javascript thingy, maybe a little prettier, which puts up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the div, instead of the scrollbar… But I’m not good enough at this kind of programming to know how to do that. Would you have any advice on this?

    Also, regarding the styling, would it be possible to give different styling to the FB post titles (compared to the story, for ex)? And to make sure the links within the FB post are clickable?


    Plugin Author bonnerl


    Hey, i’m headed to bed now, but could I possibly see a link for what you’ve got thus far?

    You can check out our website at

    Im having the same issue – is there any way to turn the scrollbar off? a character limit would be great!

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