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    It may need to be activated per site. Did you do that or network activation?

    I’d drop a note here:

    I’m doing per site installs instead of the network install. Do I need to do a network activate first or instead of the per-site activation? The JetPack plugin itself said everything was fine when I followed its instructions and activated the site through the link it provides.

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    It;s either a network activate OR per site. Tho if you do network activate, you will still need to hook up each blog to

    (Yes, jetpack will work in multisite. that’s what they use for, the devs made sure to include it.)

    OK so I didn’t do the network install and did the per-site install. However when I go a site, active the plugin, and then check the stats after a while, the stats page load up almost completely blank and the last line of HTML is <li class="wp-has-submenu wp-has-current-submenu wp-menu-open menu-top toplevel_page_jetpack menu-top-last" id="toplevel_page_jetpack">. When I go to and login there, the stats show up fine.

    To add another issue with the JetPack status plugin, I noticed that when Ii try to change who has access to view the stats and hit the save button I get a popup windows asking me to download admin.php. Obviously this shouldn’t be happening so I hit cancel, however the changes are actually being saved. This happens in Firefox and IE.

    Contact support. That SHOULD NOT be happening.


    After my last post that’s just what I did.

    Rock on 😀

    Anyone know how long it usually takes to get a response from WordPress support? Been two days with nada.

    A few days. Sadly, they’ve been under the eight-ball.

    Just to keep this thread updated, so far WP support hasn’t been able to nail down the issue yet. Ever since installing jetpack, not only has jetpack not functioned properly (specifically the stats) but I’ve noticed other quirks in my blogs as well. For example if I try to deactivate jetpack on a blog that it was activated on, I get a browser popup asking me to download plugins.php instead of plugins.php being executed. The other weird thing is that if I try and add a new post on a blog that has jetpack activated, the TinyMCE toolbar vanishes. I can edit an existing post and it comes back, but for new posts it vanishes. On the blogs that don’t have jetpack activated, everything works normally. I fear the ultimate solution here may be to rip out jetpack, but I’m not going to attempt that without help from support for fear that jetpack may have its claws in places that I may miss if I removed it myself.

    You SHOULD just be able to delete the jetpack folder from the plugins folder.

    Yeah I know, but I’m going to continue working with WP support first before doing that. Last resort in my opinion. After making a full backup of course.

    Good plan!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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