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    Hi Marko,

    I believe I at some point I used the snippets plugin to add php functions and in that I added add_filter( ‘tabify_plugin_support’, ‘__return_true’ ); to support WordPress SEO and other meta boxes.

    However in creating a new installation I noticed this doesn’t work anymore. Is this because WordPress SEO has made an update that doesn’t support this or is Tabify need an update?

    I moved to Premium SEO from but that won’t show up in Tabify settings either.

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  • Hi, I tested this out and the none of the filters are working for me.

    I was able to get a workable fix by calling javascript to replace the metabox classnames. Though this just makes the unregistered meta box visible on all pages. But is workable for the meta box I needed.

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    WordPress SEO updated their code base and cause of that broke the support. There isn’t much for me todo here. I can only ask the plugin developers to build their plugins better.

    Hi Marko,

    Thought so since WordPress SEO never came around to help suppport this.

    Question. Do you know how I can do this in the database?

    I have a saved version of the Tabify Edit Screen database and importing that into a new site for Tabify works and I was thinking that replacing the “wpseo” reference with my plugins reference would give me the result I need placing my SEO box in the tab place of WordPress SEO.

    I didn’t use the backup database because it had other settings I didn’t want.

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    That would work if the string length was the same. Since it’s serialized data you can’t simply replace it.

    I will check to see if I can add or adjust a filter that does give more control where meta boxes should added. I also will create a post for plugin developers in how to make their plugin work with Tabify edit Screen.

    For WordPress SEO I can contact their new developer they hired this year.

    Hi Marko,

    I just read your blog and left a post. Great stuff man!

    Anything you can do to help is great. I wish this was part of the core and other plugins developers would have more pressure to support its abilities.

    For WordPress SEO. I could care less. They seemed not too interested to help support your great plugin, I could care less since then. However, for everyone else it would still be very beneficial.

    The Premiuim SEO by far smashes or offers a ton more than WordPress SEO by an eon. But hopefully it stays supported. Ref:

    I can send you this plugin to take a look at if you want and see how it registers the meta box. Or send you a private screenshot.

    I looked into where they are adding the meta box, but it is very different than any other plugin I have seen do it. I tried some things but nothing worked.

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    Hey Noah,

    Thanks for saying that.

    The problem I’m having with Premium SEO is the fact that it’s a paid plugin. So in my opinion they should fix it themselves. Most likely they lazy load the hook call for add_meta_boxes. Not using that hook would be weird. But yeah if they contact me or try to fix the problem in this topic then I’m more then happy to help out.


    Hey Marko,

    No problem and Thanks for reminding me. I actually meant to submit it to them about the fix. I just had got caught up in talking with you. Will do and thanks again.

    I’ll post back if needed with any updates.

    Ha. I figured this out.

    Not a suggestion as to why you might look into the things you said, haha.

    I was adding periods to the class div to have periods like in normal css. Then it hit, don’t do that.

    I will post the solution in another thread so it is clear to anyone else looking and willing to apply this adjustment.

    i’m interesting, could you publish the code


    I did post this. WordPress must of deleted it.

    Here is the link for it @ StackOverflow.


    @sirenweb, Welcome.

    i create a issue for Yoast on github, please see my thread and complete it if necessary


    Thanks. Hopefully this pans out.

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