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  • So this is strange, or more likely I’m an idiot. I am using cart66, which produces shortcodes to input pricing data, etc into a post. To give us a bit more granular control over styling we added a custom metabox for the price, and are outputting the contents of this using do_shortcode. Within the input of the metabox we are dropping in the caert66 shortcode. It works. But when we update the price, the old price remains.

    I thought this was a caching issue, although I have no caching currently installed. I waited a day to be sure, but still nothing. Do i need to flush something in order for shortcodes to update through do_shortcode? the information that is using shortcodes from within the WYSIWYG update just fine.

    I looked around from some info on this, but to no avail. Any push in the right direction is greatly appreciated.


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