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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to find out if the Subscribe2 plugin works on multisite installs? I know I can install it from the Network admin, activate it, and then it is ready to go on each of my blogs/sites, but it only seems to work on an individual blog/site basis, in that you can only subscribe to the blog/site that you’re on.

    What I want it to do is allow the user to subscribe on any of my blogs/sites, choose which blogs/sites they wish to subscribe to, and then receive updates for their chosen ones. This would mean that there would be only one instance of the plugin but that it would work across all of my blogs/sites!

    Anybody know if this is possible? And if yes, how?

    Kind regards

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  • @sta777,

    I don’t use Multisite myself but it should work fine. You need to activate Subscribe2 as a site wide plugin and in Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions there should be an area that lists other sub-blogs on the site and allows registered users to subscribe to them.


    Thanks for the swift reply; I have activated Subscribe2 as a site wide plugin (from the Network) and it installs it to all sub-blogs fine, but there isn’t any area which lists any sub-blogs. The plugin is only visible/editable from the sub-blogs and not the Network.


    That’s right (I think), but under the sub-blogs you should have access to Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions. In there you should see a list of other blogs and be able to add yourself as a member of that blog and subscribe at the same time.


    Ok – I’m not seeing any sub-blogs listed on the Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions page on any of the sub-blogs. Also, if I subscribe to one sub-blog, it’s not adding me to the others, only the one I have subscribed to. Is there a way of being added to all of the sub-blogs when subscribing to just one? Shouldn’t there be a choice of sub-blogs to subscribe to?


    My apologies, I have given you duff information. The plugin needs to be enabled on a per-site basis rather than site wide. In this case the plugin will search through the sub-blogs where Subscribe2 IS active and display these as options to subscribe to on the Your Subscriptions page.

    As I said above I don’t use multisite and that is my defence (poor though it is) for sending you down the wrong path.


    Ok thanks – that seems to work better; I can now see the other blogs!

    More problems though! I have added each sub-blog to the ‘Subscribed Blogs’ part of ‘Your Subscriptions’, across all of the sub-blogs – so every sub-blog is subscribed to itself and all other sub-blogs.

    When I then subscribe on one sub-blog and follow the instructions to activation, the email address isn’t activated and only appears in the sub-blog I have subscribed on. (For the purposes of testing I then manually activated the email). When I then publish a new post on a different sub-blog, nothing! I get the notification to my admin email address but not the one I have just subscribed.

    Am I missing something here?


    You aren’t really subscribing a blog to another blog, you are subscribing the currently logged in user to notifications for those sub-blogs.

    When you add a new public subscriber (by entering their email address in the form) you are only adding them to notifications of that one sub-blog as all the different blogs have different public subscriber lists.

    For a little more detail on the subscriber types have a read here.


    Ok – thanks for your help. Looks like this isn’t going to do what I wanted after all. Shame as it’s a great plugin!

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