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    badge1 requires 5 comments and 5 post

    badge2 requires members to gain badge 1 first
    and 2 comments and 2 post

    my question is does the first 5 comments and 5 post for badge 1 counts towards badge 2?

    if so how to change it to once badge1 has been earned it reset them to have to make 2 comments and 2 post ?

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  • Why don’t you just make badge 2 require 7 & 7 and forget about the badge 1 requirement because if they have 7 & 7 they would have earned badge 1 anyway.

    Thats a alternate but not what I am looking for because I have different viariation of badges medals and mission so that wouldnt work with my scheme.

    Just did a test. First badge had the 5 and 5, second had 2 and 2 and first badge. The moment I got to 5 and 5, both were awarded. So it definitely looks like it doesn’t get reset. The only way I can think of to reset it at all, would be to query for the user meta, where this information is stored, and alter it after the fact. I don’t wager it’d be an easy thing, as a bunch of stuff gets stored as serialized data and it’s not just one specific thing. Do note that removing the steps after the achievement has been awarded, wouldn’t revoke it, because earned achievements are stored in a different meta key and the two don’t monitor each others status.

    Sadly, that’s the best solution I can think of. I think I will suggest investigating how to possibly separate these out, but I can’t guarantee anything and it wouldn’t be pushed out in an update super soon.

    What about if you choose sequential steps , require steps to be done in order?

    Would that work?

    I’m really doubtful that setting it as sequential would reset the count as well. As it came to mind just a minute ago in a different thread, I wager the comment steps just query for a user’s comment count within the WP site, and compares with that value.

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