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    I’m trying to show some “related” products to the ones published in a post, but I just get a Banner from Amazon. I have tried several combinations of the shortcode. Many of them get an error from Amazon (I saw on the source code of the site), and this one
    [amazon text=blaublau&cat=local&last=30&wishlist_type=Similar]
    just result on a Banner.
    Can you help me?
    Thank U in advance.

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  • Plugin Author paulstuttard



    It should work! It just uses the ‘CartSimilarities’ operation. I have noticed that the default template used to create the wishlist is not always set to something sensible on first install.


    In the options page make sure the ‘Wishlist Template’ is set to the right template, or add it to the shortcode, e.g.:

    [amazon text=blaublau&cat=local&last=30&wishlist_type=Similar&template=wishlist]

    (Anything that is not a banner, should be okay).


    I’ve had problems with some Kindle items, confusing Amazon’s server, and it fails to return any recommendations.

    If there are only a few items on the page try going to and adding them to a Basket, see if there is a section “Los clientes que compraron este producto también compraron” with appropriate products in it.


    If you still can’t get it to work then you could try turning the Debug option on and examining the page ‘source’ html to see if there are any ‘DEBUG’ messages from the plugin.

    Hope that helps,


    Thank U Paul for your quick answer,

    I’m trying to figure out why it sometime show the wishlist and sometimes don’t. I have just see that the “AWS Keys Validated” is not ticked although I have my credential inserted. I have tried to generate a new ones, but it keeps not tickling, but I can retrieve the images and descriptions in other shortcodes.
    In the amazon div place I find:
    [!– Array
    [Operation] => CartCreate
    [MergeCart] => True
    [ResponseGroup] => CartSimilarities
    [IdType] => ASIN
    [MerchantId] => Amazon
    [Item.1.ASIN] => B006O6FGTE
    [Item.1.Quantity] => 1

    I have temporary activated the debug mode. If you could take a look:
    The similar list should be under the “Otras muñecas relacionadas:” text.
    Thank U again!

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    Had a look at the page you linked, it all looks okay for me, the debug info shows that your AWS keys are valid and you are looking for similar products to ASIN: B006O6FGTE.

    Of course for me it is showing the UK items, so I recreated amazon links on my site using the appropriate ASIN and spoofed it to show the .es links and products and it worked okay.

    I did browse a few other pages and I see that it is not working for the product “B006O6FHNY”.

    I went to and added that item to my basket and Amazon also does not show any recommendations, so it looks to me like it is not showing any recommendations as Amazon has no recommendations to give!

    Possibly try:

    It works better if you can give it more data, e.g. have more than one product on the page. If you don’t want to do that you could have a hidden shortcode that contains the best selling product in that category. e.g. just before the recommended product section add:

    [amazon asin=PRODUCTASIN&text=]

    Also note:

    If you are doing large numbers of Amazon requests they might get throttled back by Amazon, which would make things intermittent.

    Turning on the Amazon Link Cache will help with that, although the ‘Similarities’ lookup always has to be done live for each visitor.

    Hope this helps!


    I’m convinced at this point that the problem is something with Amazon API, not with your plugin, so Thank U for your help!

    Best Regards.

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