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  • How’s it going? My name is Jeremy, and I am working with friends and family to create information-rich, interactive WordPress hobby blogs. I am wondering if there is a way to use this plugin–the “Quick Post Widget“–to help form a better community for our blogs. We would like to use this plugin to put up an “add article” link on each of our pages, so that guests or logged-in contributors might post additional content to our pages. Can you please help us find a solution?

    Thank you, very much. Have a wonderful day.

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  • movingsole,

    I also just discovered this plugin and am doing something similar. What I did was use this plugin in conjunction with the Widgets on Pages plugin found at:

    I just added this widget to a page using that to create an easy form from which authors can upload their content.

    By the way, I also changed New User Default Role to author in my general settings and used the Sidebar Login plugin found at:

    This lets them register from the sidebar on my frontpage. Then click the link on my menu bar and be instantly able to add content using the form.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi . i am using this plugin . my problem is:

    after install Quick Post Widget , my admin them (dashboard) take a effect from this plugin and dashboard hasbeen ltr (my original dashboard is rtl)

    and all dashboard fonts family hasbeen changed!

    when i edit quick-post-widget/quick-post-widget.php file and delet 2 lines:

    wp_enqueue_style(‘quick-post-style’, $plugin_url . ‘css/quick-post-widget.css’);

    wp_enqueue_style(‘jquery-ui-style’, $plugin_url . ‘css/jquery-ui.css’);

    The problem is solved! but my qick post form not display properly!

    thank …


    First some questions:
    – Do you use the latest version of the plugin (1.7.3)?
    – Could you give me an example of a plugin which doesn’t cause the effects you mention?
    – Is it possible for you to grant me access to your site or at least send me the address of your site? You can mail me (address in the quick-post-widget.php file).



    Update: I just discovered the solution.
    The problem is that version 1.8 was ready to ship one of these days. I can put it in 1.8 or in a later version. Depends on how hard you need it (or anyone else needs it).
    Please let me know.


    View site in no problem but in Persian WordPress administration (wp-admin) right bock move to left and left block move to right , the middle of the block does not change(its ok)
    Currently I am using version 1.7.3. However, I recently updated plugins from within WordPress, but I did not solve the problem. I thank you, I stand and wait in the next update will fix the problem.


    Just uploaded version 1.8, still without right-to-left support.
    I have it in code now but didn’t have the ability to test it in time.
    The next version, 1.8.1, will have right-to-left support.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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