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  • Krishna


    Even if the plugin works, it may create compatibility and security problems. It’s better NOT to use it.



    It’s a very simple plugin. I was hoping someone with more knowledge than I could look it over and see. Maybe it doesn’t create any compatibility or security problems?

    In any case, being that Google recommends parallelizing, there ought to be plugins that do this. I’m surprised no one else has tackled it.

    Since the author doesn’t seem to want to update it, is there anyone else out there who would/could start with his plugin and maybe update it or refine it?

    3rd Eye


    Yes, please – update. We would love a plugin that can do this.



    Agreed. It seems it would be a higher priority than we’re seeing, being as Google recommends it for site speed and ranking. Who’s a good coder that’s inspired to take this on? It seems the author has dropped the ball.

    I’m thinking about taking it on, but I want some people to help because there are a lot of aspects that don’t require programming. I need a wish list, volunteer testers, bug reporters, etc. I can do all the programming.

    Let’s start with the wish list. Leave comments and write in what you want this thing to do. Please indicate if it’s an absolute need, desirable, or just a nice-to-have so I can prioritize features. You can just put

    [N] (need)
    [W] (want)
    [O] (optional/nice-to-have)

    next to any feature you’re requesting.

    Well, Google makes clear what the
    priorities are here.

    Basically, I think if you’re splitting it between just two hostnames, images need to be served from one, and the rest of the files from another. So, that would be a [N] need.

    Of course, users will need to set up DNS aliases with their website hosts to parallelize downloads. It might be good to have a primer about that included with any plugin info. [W]

    I hope you take it on!

    I hadn’t thought about images. That’s an interesting issue because it would probably handled by a content filter and that could lead to some undesirable results if the site is not using full page caching.

    Example: you upload abc.jpg to your site and embed the image into a post. Say the url is The content filter finds this URL and converts it to
    It needs to do this EVERY TIME the page is loaded if you’re not using full page caching, so you gain a little in serve time and lose a little in page processing on your server.

    I can’t think of any way to do it differently without getting into a behemoth plugin that actually makes the media library upload to another site/subdomain.

    I’ll keep thinking about that one.

    BTW – just found this and it should do the trick for media items:

    I HAVE NOT TESTED IT. If you get to try it before I do, let us know if it handles this aspect.

    Just noting that this plugin may also satisfy some of the requirements here, but I have not tried it yet:

    Interesting … hadn’t heard of these.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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