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  • noel


    It does not suck up a lot of resources. Not anymore than your ordinary theme. In fact, it may use less as it only loads new posts when it needs to.




    I respectfully disagree. I have a somewhat visited blog (2,000 pageviews a day) and a cheap hosting plan at DreamHost, and P2 generated server outages.

    Is there any people with a popular blog and a DreamHost cheap plan that runs a blog on P2?


    Chris Masse

    I do not run P2 on my production website, but I have installed it and activated it for a few minutes to run wp-tuner on it. It clearly is requiring more resources than my existing theme (and my existing theme has MANY more plugins on it AND like P2 it displays both the posts and the comments on the index page so it increases the number of sql queries as compared to most standard themes). Of course a few minutes isn’t really statistically significant, but the increase in queries alone tells me it will be slower than my current theme regardless of server load, etc.

    I would recommend installing wp-tuner to see what impact it has on page generation times, sql queries, and memory usage on your specific webserver.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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