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    As the title says, the core team is acting like Microsoft and doing their best to force Gutenberg on everyone. And when soon they stop updating the Classic Editor plugin, it will be mission accomplished.

    There is absolutely no way I’m updating any of mine and customer sites to WP 5.0 – I’ll take my chances with the security risks, just as I still use Windows 7 machines, all 7 of them !

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    ClassicPress will probably end up a failed project, as it started as “WordPress minus Gutenberg” to really talking about mutilating WordPress to a point that it will be almost useless.

    Some examples:

    – They are talking about removing the theme Customizer, where me as a theme developer, is using the Cutomizer to it’s fullest just as many themes are getting rid of the their options screens, or using it in addition to their options screens, thus will end up making thousands of themes not compatible with ClassicPress.

    – They are also talking about getting rid of the REST API, where many plugins and themes make use of it. In reality, I need the REST API to remotely update my themes and plugins.

    These are 2 examples that if they implement them, they will take WordPress back not to just WP to the 4.9 state, but many years behind.

    Gutenberg is nowhere ready for use now, but someday it will, and will be perfect for php developers, where we will convert our shortcodes to Gutenberg blocks with little effort using tools like ACF (check out v5.8beta1 – more info on this on their blog post), or Lazy Blocks. Only then, things will be easier for anyone creating content with Gutenberg, as blocks are easier to edit, move around, duplicate, etc… as oppose to shortcodes, especially the ones with many attributes (parameters) – off the topic off here little bit !!! What Gutenberg needs are more complex blocks to make content, the kind of features found in Divi, Visual Composer, or Elementor modules for example, like Call to Actions, blurbs, icons, features, maps, sections, etc…

    Besides, the way Woocommerce is moving, it will soon require Gutenberg and REST API just to be operational. What are the ClassicPress users going to use then, html buttons made by

    As far as customers go shooting themselves on their foot, that’s what development/testing sites or Staging plugins are for – no issues there.

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    Brian Jackson


    Just came to also confirm, doesn’t work with the latest WP 5.0 beta. Options are checked, but Gutenberg still active. Assuming most likely because this was originally meant to work with the plugin, but not the merged core version of Gutenberg yet. I’m sure you’ll get it patched up. Thanks Jeff.

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    @nick6352683 that’s quite a lot of disinformation you’re sharing right there. Our primary goal is to serve the business market and “mutilating WordPress” wouldn’t serve that goal.

    You seem extremely angry about our fork, and I don’t understand why. You’re not forced to use it or support it, but it will be a viable option for a lot of people.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @nick6352683, Do you need help with getting the Disabled Gutenberg plugin running? You’ve posted in the support forum and that’s what we should be discussing.

    If you’re looking for the review section instead:

    But if you’re making a review, keep it about the plugin and don’t make it into a blog post.

    Hmm. The idea about WordPress 5.0 is that there will be a new block editor that consists of the Gutenberg plugin merged into WordPress core.
    In that environment, you can’t just “Disable Gutenberg”. You need to do things in a different way.

    Fortunately, the WordPress team understands not everyone is ready to jump into the new editor right now, so they have provided the “official” way of keeping the classic editor through a different plugin:

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    @anevins: If you read the entire page, I was responding to another person. I’m not the one who opened the ClassicPress topic..

    @scottybowl2: I’m not spreading any misinformation whatsoever, these are exactly what it’s been discussed and voted on over there… As of right now for example, removing the customizer has 7 votes, so what we talking about here?


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    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Hey thanks for reporting this issue (i.e., Disable Gutenberg not working with WP 5.0). I am aware and working on updating the plugin, should be available soon. What happened is that they changed the hooks used to disable Gutenberg. Will get it fixed up soon, thanks again for reporting.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr



    “In that environment, you can’t just “Disable Gutenberg”. You need to do things in a different way.”

    Disable Gutenberg plugin does things the exact same “way” as Classic Editor plugin. The only difference is that Disable Gutenberg is way more flexible with more options for handling Gutenberg.

    @nick6352683 the way our democratic process works is as follows:

    1. anybody can create a petition
    2. if the petition achieves enough support it will be put to community vote
    3. if there is a majority in favour, the petition request gets implemented

    So 7 votes on a petition is a very long way off something getting implemented in ClassicPress.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Disable Gutenberg version 1.3 resolves this issue.

    Thread Starter nick6352683


    Thanks Jeff.

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