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    Hi there!

    I love how simple and non-intrusive this plugin is for the login and forget-password pages.

    But found a show-stopper issue: it does not seem to work with MultiSite. 🙁

    Are you planning to make it work for MultiSite as well? We’d be happy to help you test that when it’s ready.

    FYI – currently even if you “network activate” this plugin, the captcha only shows on the login page of the top-level site in the MultiSite. the sub-blogs login.php pages don’t show it.

    For multisite support, it should need a few changes, probably minor:
    – would need to show on
    – would need to show settings at the “network” level instead at each sub-site level.


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  • Hey guys! just checking in on this. thanks!

    I have just installed Captcha on a Multisite and when clicking on settings get an error message that I do not have sufficient priviliges to access the page – I am the superadmin?

    Does this actually work with multisite? If so how does one go about activating through network sites and usin “settings”.



    If you activated the plugin as a network, then an access to the settings page is possible from every subsite and is impossible from a multisite admin area.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team


    I guess I just need some clarification

    (1) Is it compatible with multisite?

    And if so:

    (2) Should it be network activated or activated by each blog admin?



    Hello cruizc,

    This plugin is compatible with multisite. If you want to activate it for all sites, then you should activate it as network. But please note, that if you activate it as network, then the access to settings page will be possible from every subsite and impossible from multisite admin area.

    Kind regards,
    Support Team

    So . . . love the plug-in, but because I have a multi-site install and I can’t use it at the admin level I am getting dozens of new user registrations everyday at the admin log-in level. This worries me because while it could be as simple as an attempt to post to comment sections . . . which of course don’t exist there, it could also be an attempt at a security hack.

    Is this something you will fix?
    Is there another solution that others are using?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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