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  • I have a vanilla WordPress Multisite on Windows via WAMP 64 bit.
    I use it as a convenient way to quickly develop static websites that I can render and host on free hosting places like Github.
    I tried your plugin to fix an issue caused by the “WordPress Media Library Folders” plugin destroying the path and URL to images. Your plugin is supposed to be able to replace images so that I don’t have to edit the post and attachments which would be more time consuming to do.

    When I used your plugin to start replacing these broken media library images, your plugin is not coded properly to handle this environment. It completely breaks the image path, and not just by reversing the slash incorrectly like “WordPress Media Library Folders” does. Your plugin adds in completely weird characters and other errors in the image path. This issue is replicable on vanilla WordPress Multisite on Windows environment ran by WAMP or XAMPP.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi, @levyimage,

    You say that the plugin “WordPress Media Library Folders” cause an issue. Could you please send us screenshots of such issue? We’d like to see how the URLs look before Enable Media Replace, and also after our plugin does its job.

    In addition, please send us a complete report of Tools > Site Health > Info.

    Thank you!

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    I left all relevant details here if you want more info

    It is vanilla WAMP 64. If you set up a test environment on any Windows 10 PC you will have the same PHP modules and packages. Install WordPress, enable multisite, make a random sub-site, go to subsite dashboard, upload an image, then mess with the Post meta in your database to change the file URL to be something crazy. Then try to replace that broken image with your plugin.

    Replicating my exact situation will be easy if you try to upload a few images and then move them with “WordPress Media Library Folders” to a new folder one by one, (in my case I moved a ton of images at once and most of them got this error upon moving, and I checked and repeated the error again later to make sure it was not a fluke, both bulk and one by one, one by one 1st image move may work but fail after that) chances are after the first image move the second image or thereafter will fail to move and you will get the crazy broken image file URL saved into the post meta that will look something like this\wamp64\www\wp-content\uploads\sites\2\NewFolder/image.jpg

    You may even be able to skip all this by doing WordPress multisite localhost on windows, and changing any image to a path URL like that above via database edit, and then use your plugin to try to replace the broken image entry in the WordPress media dashboard.

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    Thank you for the information.

    We will try to replicate this situation. As this is a complicated one, it may take more time than expected.

    We’ll get back to you when we have any news.


    Plugin Support sixaxis


    Hi there!

    Could you please send us your WordPress information that you can find on Tools > Site Health > Info?

    Also, could you please send us a complete screenshot of the screen Network Admin > Sites > Edit (for the one in discussion) > Settings?

    Thank you!

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