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  • Hi,
    I have a vimeo PLUS account and protect my videos to only be displayed on my site.
    When I activate Fluid Video Embed the integrated vimeo video disappears. Nothing there.

    I just integrate the vimeo video with

    When I disable FVE the video is back.
    Tried using the [fve] shortcode as well.

    With youtube no problems.

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  • I have the same issue.

    What I’ve found is that because the videos are protected, the dimensions can’t be pulled out of the Vimeo API that the plugin uses to determine the aspect ratio of the video. It outputs the video player embed code, but places it inside of the responsive container with no height set.

    The option to force the 16:9 ratio doesn’t seem to work either, since that condition happens inside of a block that requires the API to return valid embed information.

    @jamie3d, is there any way to have it where if the API can’t get the information, but the embed code works, it can just use a default 16:9 ratio on that responsive container? Even better, if you’re determined to have that ratio, would be to regex out the width/height out of the iframe code and calculate from that.

    Just some ideas….

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