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  • Old text: Great functionality, but activated, it prevents Simple History from showing the history.

    Updated Review, as of now, with about 4 months of use.
    (Updated from 2 to 4 stars.)

    One of the most important things that made me try at all, is that WPdiscuz has no lock-in, unlike other comment plugins. It is integrated with WordPress native comments, so comment data remain my property. There is no Cloud-nonsense where I lose MY data, and other people make money with my user comments by placing advertising into it…
    Should I ever have to remove wpDiscuz, all is as before (tested), that’s a perfect approach.

    I saw many small things well done, but as there is no bug free software written to date, I found some quirks of course. Some have solved themself, and for other quirks I have just disabled the functionality.
    It also easy to overbloat the visitor with options and functionality anyway, if you enable too much of the rich options.

    Main feature for me:
    A clear structure (display) of the comments, with it’s answers. That de-clutters the comment section a lot, compared to WP’s native display.
    Also, it’s more clear for the visitor if he wants to answer on a specific comment. With WP’s comments, I had lots of answers not in context to the parent comment.

    Very nice feature:
    Spam prevention.

    Nice feature:
    Visitors can subscribe to comments by email.

    What would be nice:
    Ability to move comments to other posts / pages.

    There’s lots of further functionality available via extensions. Maybe I try some day the Media Uploader.
    On the other hand, I’m a bit afraid to install an upload path, which MAY weaken security of the site.
    On the other hand, paying something for this plugin can’t be wrong, even if I maybe don’t use the Media Uploader later – WPdiscus’s free functionality alone is for sure more than a ton of work.

    Current quirks left:

    Simple History Problem
    That might be a specific problem with compatibility. So I rate it up from 2 to 4 stars.
    However, I’m not alone with it:

    Long Comments
    They are displayed without line breaks, which makes them very uninviting to open (Read more…) for the visitor. Workaround: Set the word count in the options very high, but that in turn blows up the length of the comment section…
    The advantage to WP’s native comment system is then “only” that answers can be hidden behind the “Answers” button.

    Line breaks in Emails
    (<p> and <b /> tags) in email translation templates are completely lost / or modified, after saving them. That results in emails where the text is one line, unreadable.
    Workaround: Edit in text/html mode, and never ever switch the editor to visual mode.
    Have a backkup of all email texts somewhere else…
    Update: I don’t know since when, but the “Text” tab does no longer respond to mouse clicks, so no html editing possible. I had to dig into WP database to get the strings fixed.

    Spam, maybe not really a bug.
    I was 100% spam free for a long time, thanks to another plugin.
    It also worked equally well with WPdiscus spam prevention for a long time.
    But since some weeks I get daily several spams, and I think it’s done by robots, so maybe they found a way to circumvent the form’s under the hood Spam protection.
    I enabled the build-in captcha, with no effect, so I’m not entirely sure if they are human spammers, or robots, solving the relatively simple captcha image.
    Google captchas are very annoying, no option…
    Nice would be an option for a simple questionary, where the admin can freely define a question, which the user must answer. I had this in the past, as a seperate plugin, and while every extra step a visitor has to do is not good, it was very effective, and would probably make the spammers to give up.

    Email Notification Subscriptions
    The bell symbol for the notification option is way too unclear. Mobile users cannot even hover the mouse over it, to get a description (let alone those rare people who know what hovering is).
    So the user has to guess what the bell means, and worse, if he ticks it, nothing happens, the user is in the dark – and he might be upset when he get’s the confirmation email, not knowing why.
    It should be a check box, with clear text.
    Workaround: Disabled, and using the “main” notification options below the input form.

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  • Plugin Author gVectors Team


    Hi @crispress,
    Thank you for the review.
    We’d recommend open a support topic and fix this incompatibility. Just ope a support topic here or at gVectors Support forum.

    Please, never rate plugins low become of some plugin incompatibility. You don’t even know which plugin is the problem maker and you should understand that there are dozens of thousands plugins, there is no way to go through all those. This is why you should open a support topic instead of rate it here.

    Plugin Author gVectors Team


    In this support topic we asked you to open a support topic at gVectors Forum for deeper support. Because we didn’t find such problem on our test websites. So it’s site specific issue and it only makes problem on your website. Have you opened the topic?

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