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  • Cheryl


    One of my websites has a lot of maps. I use The Events Calendar, and there the maps show. However, I also use the Divi Maps Extended module plugin and those maps do not load when I have Smart Cookie Kit active. Additionally, the cookie banner does not display on the pages where the maps are present. I see the following in console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘maps’ of undefined
    at infobox.min.js:129
    markerwithlabel.js:77 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘maps’ of undefined
    at markerwithlabel.js:77

    I also have trouble with the cookie kit blocking YouTube videos. For now, I’m going to disable it, but do you know of any workaround for these issues — I don’t see any way to exclude things in the plugin and it works perfect with Adsense, Tag manager and the like.

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  • Thread Starter Cheryl


    To clarify,

    What is happening with some YouTube videos is that after acceptance they are not loading until there is a page refresh or, in one case, the YouTube video loads very small. After a page refresh the video will load.

    I tried to use the script you provided in help to unblock the Divi Map Extended maps but what happened is that it caused some other items on the page to not load.

    I’ve turned the plugin back on for now so you can see what’s happening. Here’s an example of a map page, not a very good one, but if I disable Smart Cookie, a map shows here, now there’s just white space:

    And, as far as the videos, if you land on this page for the first time:

    and then accept the cookies, ads, analytics and the like load but there’s a YouTube video in the page that does not load. It will then load if you refresh. I installed this plugin on a couple of other sites as well using Extra theme and the video format headers with the video also do not load until you refresh. Here’s an post with that going on here:

    There should be a video at the top of the page and one in the page, but they do not show until you accept and then reload the page. Is there any way to fix this?


    Plugin Author shark986


    Hello Cheryl,
    thankyou for reaching me, I’ll try to help you the best I can.

    Basically, the problems you describe are related to the optimizations made on the site. To confirm my idea, please, try to deactivate:

    1) the minification/combination of the JS files
    — it should be done on the Siteground plugin —

    The problem, here, is that SCK blocks the Google Map script, but it is not able to see the Divi Map Extended scripts and block them, as they are combined in another script. In this scenario, the Divi Map Extended scripts runs going on error.

    It could be sufficient exclude from the optimization all the JS files of the Divi Map Extended plugin (maybe you can exclude the path “dwd-map-extended/*”).

    2) the lazy load of the videos
    — I do not know if this should be done on the Siteground plugin or it is a theme or other plugin feature —

    Here the problem is that when SCK unlock the video, it reset the src property of the iframe with the original one and you can see that the video starts to loading, but right after than the lazyload feature substitutes that src again with the empty lazy-src property and you see the blank section!

    Please, let me know about these attemps.

    Thread Starter Cheryl


    Thank you for your quick response.

    1) The maps:

    I already tried excluding any maps scripts I could from the Siteground optimizer. I turned off ALL minification and optimization (i.e. I disabled all optimization plugins and turned off any minification coming from my theme and from Cloudflare). However, the problem with maps still persisted until I disabled SCK.

    2) The lazy load of videos:

    I considered this and tried turning off lazy load, but the problem still persisted. Again I tried disabling optimization, and the problem persisted — most videos did not load until I reloaded the page after acceptance.

    Thanks again,

    Thread Starter Cheryl


    I see in the help section, it says you can unblock a script with the SCK-Ignore class such as:

    <script class=”SCK-Ignore” src=”//your-domain.ext/not-blocked-javascript-file.js”></script>

    Would this work with scripts from DWD Map Extended?

    Silly question, but where would I be putting this script, in the <head> section?

    Thread Starter Cheryl


    My maps loaded with DWD map extended are mostly all on their own pages and pages without ads on them. While it’s not the best solution, for now I selectively deactivated SCK on just those pages that included the map and now all the maps load, while the cookie bar loads on all of the other pages.

    I’m still trying to work through the video issue. When I disable lazyload, for videos embedded via the block editor or iframe snippet, they show, but in a tiny size, until the page is reloaded. For video post format videos that should display above the post, the theme puts an overlay in there and I think it would work if I can find a way to get rid of the overlay.

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