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  • This plugin works fine for simple products that do not have multiple variations. If you’re looking to use this for a clothing store though, good luck! Don’t contact their support email either, it takes WEEKS to get a response and then they just stop responding to you altogether. I spent about 8-10 hours of tweaking to jerry-rig something together that semi-works. I would say I wouldn’t recommend but I haven’t found a better alternative so what’s a guy to do besides code my own.

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    Hi Trevor and readers of this review,

    Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Let me write-down the time-line of how things went.

    • On the 16th of October you reached out to us;
    • On the 22th of October we replied to you;
    • On the 23th of October you replied;
    • On the 23th of October we replied again;
    • We go on holidays from the 24th till the 28th of October;
    • You send a sarcastic email on the 29th of October, saying: “Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about this.”
    • On which we reply with “You are welcome:”

    We are running this plugin in our spare-time next to our full-time jobs and get between 10-20 questions a day. It is just impossible to answer everybody as fast as we would like too. Especially since we also go on holidays every now and than.

    If you feel you are getting better support with another feed plugin and that plugin contains better functionalities too than please feel free to move over.

    In the mean time I ask you to respect the developers of plugins in general as they often provide their plugin and spare time on making the WordPress community stronger.

    All the best,


    I would like to point out that you did respond to my post in the support section here that I did not see, so I apologize for that. However, your response in closing my ticket because I wrote a negative review and you posting a recount of our correspondence here is further proof of terrible customer service. If you don’t have the time that it takes to answer peoples questions for your plugin, expect some bad reviews! I’m not trying to disrespect any developers, this is an honest recount of my experience.

    Pro tip: when someone leaves a bad review, contact them and try to fix the issue and not close their ticket because your feelings are hurt. I would have gladly changed this to 5 stars had you fixed my issue but your response here and here have inclined me to change this from 2 stars to 1.

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    We have only offered a paid service for about a month early this year but stopped registration as we got too many registered users and we could no longer provide the level of support that we thought they deserved. We simply got too many request for help (mainly helping people to create their Shopping campaigns). Hence, 99% of our users are free users.

    For the ones who registered back than we still offer priority support. We checked our systems and as far as we can trace you are not one of the paid customers. If you are, than we do apologise for not providing you priority over the other users. Please send us your order-number and license-key so we can verify you are a paid user and help you accordingly.

    In-case you are a non-paying customer our previous reply still stands.

    All the best,

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