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    I use the “Woo Variations Table” plugin which allows to display all the variations on a page.
    Unfortunately, “Preorder for Woocommerce” does not work well. The only thing that the plugin does is to display, at the level of the basket, a date of availability.
    However, on the product page, nothing changes, the “add to cart” button is not replaced by the “Preorder now!
    Finally, the customer is disappointed to find that the product is not available at the time of payment.
    Too bad

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    Hello @rocou,
    I hope you are well

    Thank you for writing, we answer with these 2 points:

    1. On the product page,
    When the “add to cart” button is not replaced by the “Preorder now”,
    it is because you have not configured the product correctly

    Here you can see how it should be configured: Official documentation: preorders-for-woocommerce-free-version

    2. Regarding to “Preorder for Woocommerce does not work well”,
    If you are referring to something other than point 1, please be specific so we can help you

    – Best Regards

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    Hello Kleinmann,

    Thank you for the quick response.
    However I repeat my remark: the “add to cart” button is not modified. Of course I read the documentation perfectly and made the necessary changes.

    Best regards

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @niloybrightvessel While I know you have the best of intentions, it’s forum policy that you not ask users for admin or server access. Users on the forums aren’t your customers, they’re your open source collaborators, and requesting that kind of access can put you and them at high risk.

    If they are paying customers (such as people who bought a premium service/product from you) then by all means, direct them to your official customer support system. But in all other cases, you need to help them here on the forums.

    Thankfully are other ways to get information you need:

    You get the idea.

    We know volunteer support is not easy, and this guideline can feel needlessly restrictive. It’s actually there to protect you as much as end users. Should their site be hacked or have any issues after you accessed it, you could be held legally liable for damages. In addition, it’s difficult for end users to know the difference between helpful developers and people with malicious intentions. Because of that, we rely on plugin developers and long-standing volunteers (like you) to help us and uphold this particular guideline.

    When you help users here and in public, you also help the next person with the same problem. They’ll be able to read the debugging and solution and educate themselves. That’s how we get the next generation of developers.

    Plugin Author Kleinmann


    Hello @jdembowski,
    Thank you for your advice

    @rocou we want to help you, so we need to know how your product is configured

    Is it a simple product or one with variations?
    Could you show us in a public link how the product is configured?

    For example, you can use google drive to show us a screenshot without showing sensitive information and share it as public

    – Best Regards

    Thread Starter Rocou


    Hello @kleinmannbrightvessel

    If there is a possibility to send you information privately (email for example), I could send you screenshots as well as the result of my findings, the list of my plugins, etc.

    Best regards.

    Plugin Author Niloy


    Hi @rocou ,
    As the moderator said, since it’s open source, it’s not a good idea to share the details via email until you are our customers.
    Read it for more details:
    Our team is checking the compability issue with this plugin.

    Plugin Author Kleinmann


    Hello !

    As we haven’t received a response, I’ll mark this as resolved. Feel free to open
    a new topic, if you continue encountering issues or reopen this topic; we’d be
    happy to assist. Thank you!

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