• gamerwithadegree


    Wanted an easy way to embed a resonsive youtube video so download and installed this plugin. Just wanted to past the youtube URL into the post like normal and have it responsive.

    Got an ARVe error lazyload not supported, wanted me to upgrade to PRO.

    Utter garbage.

    Is there actually any wordpress plugins that are full featured for Free?

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    If you try to use normal mode this is not intended!

    The default mode of ARVE is normal. Is this your first install? Did you specifically specify mode=”lazyload” on the shortcode? Then that error makes sense. Otherwise you should not get it. It may be happening because you had a old version installed before and a different mode then normal is already saved.

    Likely this can be fixed by going to the setting page and resetting the main options.

    Why not reach out first before you call a plugin “utter garbage”?

    And in fact most WP plugins are full featured and gratis. ARVE (without Pro) has a feature set that is valuable as it is and in fact perfectly fine for a lot of sites. The fact that additional features exist does not mean you desperately need them. But pssst don’t tell anyone.

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