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  • The description of the plugin should clearly state that this plugin is for Apache installations only. My WordPress site is running on MS IIS and I didn’t know that this plugin wouldn’t work on that platform until AFTER I downloaded it, installed it, configured it, and then hit the submit button to save the configuration. Only then did I get a message that says it doesn’t work on my platform.

    1 star for making me go through all of that before finding out that my web server isn’t supported.

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  • Plugin Author Emre Vona


    Really you don’t have a brain!

    You created an account to give a bad review instead of read the FAQ.

    LOL Emre. Such a short-sighted opinion you have.

    I shouldn’t have to read the FAQ to discover the limitations of a product designed for a single platform. How would you like it, if you bought a new cool product that you saw at the store, and when you got home you discovered it wasn’t compatible with what you wanted to use it for? You’d be ticked too.

    How hard would it have been for the developer to simply state in the product name, or product description that this product is only for Apache?

    Just realized that YOU are the developer. Clearly you know nothing about communicating with your audience. I’ve been developing software for 35 years and your attitude is exactly why IT people get a bad rep. Learn to accept criticism graciously. You might learn something once in a while.

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    @emrevona – Please tone it down a bit and keep the comments civil.

    @paulswarthout – The author has clearly provided the information on the plugin page; it doesn’t need to be stated in the description. And please lose the sarcasm.

    Since this discussion is going way off track for a Review it’s being closed to additional replies.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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