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  • I have Qty Increment Buttons for WooCommerce with Ajax Cart AutoUpdate for WooCommerc. Works well on the cart page but the Ajax part does not work on the product archives.

    Is there anyway to enabled it there?

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  • Plugin Author taisho


    Hello, there is no way to make this plugin work on archive pages. It uses the default cart update event to update quantity of products already in the cart. As I understood, the products on archive pages aren’t in the cart yet, so changing the quantity there shouldn’t affect the quantity in the cart. In my eyes it works as intended, but feel free to extend or clarify on the desired functionality. Best Regards, Ryszard

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    I am only wishing to replicate functionality that I’ve seen on some major sites. It is very convenient in my opinion, even if some may disagree.

    Basically, the value that is shown between plus and minus buttons is always the current amount that is in the cart, no matter if we are looking at it on the cart page, the archives or single product page. The user is able to adjust the amount of product any time that the product is in the view. Very convenient for users browsing from mobile devices. What is there not to like?

    Seeing as many themes have ajax add to cart functionality on archives and single product pages I’m sure it should be possible to make this plugin work there too.

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    Plugin Author taisho


    When you put it in this way, it makes sense, unfortunately, both of my plugins are based on quite simple default WooCommerce events. Assuming that Add to cart buttons on archive pages are hidden through PHP snippet or CSS, any of these easily achievable, Qty Increment Buttons for WooCommerce impact is still limited to transmitting the current input box quantity to the now removed button instead of directly to the cart. On top of it, Ajax Cart Autoupdate would need to be adjusted to change quantity or remove/add new products through archive pages.

    I’ll have a look at what can be done this weekend but surely implementing such a cross-plugin feature looks like a challenging task.

    Best Regards,


    I understand. Well, just putting it out there. Hopefully if you ever add this functionality it will be of good value to you and users of the plugin. Good luck.

    Plugin Author taisho


    The same request was posted here:

    For now, I’m releasing minor-moderate adjustments for my plugins and running compatibility tests with new WordPress / WooCommerce. I found a couple of issues with implementing this very early on. I’ll put this on hold probably until Christmas due to time constraints in the next month.

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