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    Please change the example shortcode and place category=”” at the end. As it is (and with no other explanation, the [wp_ticker category=”” … appears to refer to the wp ticker category id, not the wordpress category id. Once one makes that logical, but false assumption, then it is logical, but again false, to assume that post_cat=”category” at the end is where the wordpress category id is placed.

    Place category=”” at the end and it is more likely your users will understand that is where the wordpress category id goes.

    And say there is no need for the wp ticker category

    Or is there a need? Perhaps for multiple wp tickers on a page? How does that work?

    Beef up the explanation please.

    Prior review –

    Spent some time with this and cannot get it to work.

    1. Using the given shortcode, the category=”” element breaks the shortcode, it just doesn´t show (using either the ticker category name or the ID from hovering over the name).

    2. It does work without the category=”” element and using all the other elements, BUT it does not respect the post_cat=”category using either the WP category name or the ID from hovering over the name. It just rolls through ALL the posts titles.

    Add in the unsatisfactory effort made to explain the plugin´s use. The Demo has less info than the plugin description page or the details from the installed plugin list, and the “Plugin Documentation” link from the Demo page does not even list this plugin.

    Frustrating. Hope the developers put some effort into making it work and explaining it better, but they just wasted over an hour of my time. I´ll go elsewhere for a ticker.

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  • Plugin Author Anoop Ranawat



    I have checked and plugin is works perfectly. i think there is some misunderstanding there, let me explain in detail.

    post_cat=”category” parameter
    -> here category is the custom category name like we have given the custom post type support so, post_cat means you have to pass the name of the category.

    e.g. If you have custom post type named ‘news’ and the custom category of that post type is ‘news-cat’ then here the short-code parameter goes like post_cat=”news-cat”.

    and for category you have to pass category=’10’ where 10 is the category ID.

    so, if you want to use it with wordpress posts then your shortcode goes like,

    [wp_ticker post_type=”post” post_cat=”category” category=”5″]

    (post_cat=’category’ is the taxonomy name of the wordpress category, and category=’5′ is the particular category id.)

    let us know if you have any query on that.

    Plugin Author Anoop Ranawat



    Thanks for the suggestion. and yes we will update the description soon.

    wp ticker category means if you want to use it with category wise posts,
    category its for ID purpose, and post_cat is the taxonomy name of particular post type.

    So, if you want to use the ticker custom post type with category then you need the category parameter.

    and yes, you can pass multiple wp tickers on one page with the same shortcode or with the category.

    like this,

    [wp_ticker category=”5″]
    [wp_ticker post_type=”post” post_cat=”category” category=”10″]

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