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  • We have 500 000 images and I spend the whole day scanning. When it was done, I tested the very first image:

    It was CLEARLY attached to a still published and fully working post. 100%
    And in the plugin it was shown as “Does not seem in use”

    I know there’s warnings all over the plugin that it’s not perfect and Backup and stuff like that.. but come on, it shows an ATTACHED image in a real post, as being unused. That’s just plain dangerous for anyone else who fails to check further.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    It was CLEARLY attached to a still published and fully working post. 100%
    And in the plugin it was shown as “Does not seem in use”

    The fact an image is attached to a post doesn’t mean anything. Can you use a photo in many posts? Yes, in the content, as the Featured Image, in the galleries, etc. Can you attach a photo to many posts? No. I could add an option to check this but during this all time I have developed the plugin, I never talked to a single user that was interesting in that feature, which is super easy to implement, but actually useless.

    The plugin has been made to work on huge installs. It detects a lot, lot, lot of things. I have no idea how you could just rate a plugin one star just based on that fact. Really not. The sad truth for the plugin is that maybe it works perfectly on your install, and you are not using this image anywhere, and blame the plugin for detecting an image that is actually not used.

    So now my question: how are you using this image? Where does it appear on your website?

    Hello Jordy, sorry for my harsh words. I have edit my review to better reflect of how useful the plugin is, but just not for me.

    I have thoroughly tested this plugin for several hours. I can guarantee you 100%, the images it detects are still in use, in actual posts, which are published and public.

    Which means that if i delete the “Does not seem in use” image, my front end would have the image missing.

    I am also just curious what your opinion is on the image i showed:

    For example, this is one of the images it detected as not in use. (one of over 90 000 images)

    I searched this image in the media library, and found it was still Attached to a real post. I then open that post, and see, yes, there’s the image. Same path, same image as the one Media Cleaner show as “Does not seem in use”

    I hope you can see form my image, that I’m not making this up. So I wonder why your plugin will classify an image that’s still attached to a post, and appears in the post’s content as an image link, to be ““Does not seem in use”

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hi @oomskaap,

    I can see this image is attached to a post. But that doesn’t mean it is used by this post. By being used, I mean it is shown, displayed somewhere. Attached is just a shortcut to make it accessible through the editor, it’s less and less used by WordPress since it’s actually a feature not working very well (since we can’t link an image to many posts; though there is a plugin for that too).

    So, in your case, your theme is maybe using those attached photos to do something with them? How are they used in your posts?

    By default, attached photos aren’t used by anything at all.

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