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  • Hey! Love you plugin! I know it’s beta and therefore not supported etc etc, but a heads up that the icons in the admin bar disappears in 3.5-beta2-22352 when using this plugin.

    Guess it’s this line in the CSS that does not work:

    The “../” part won’t work because the css is located at different location when using and not using BWP. And I guess it also could be because the admin css is called admin-bar.min.css and not only admin-bar.css anymore.

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  • Plugin Author Khang Minh


    Hmm relative URL should be handled correctly, but I will take a look, thank you!

    This still seems to be broken now I have upgraded to 3.5. I agree with the original poster the css for the admin bar sprite gives the wrong address. Interestingly it works fine on in the admin… Turning off minify css fixes the problem.

    Just encountered this issue. Not major as it stands, but obviously needs fixing – especially now that 3.5 is public.

    WordPress: 3.5

    Yeap, something isn’t working… Some sprites (admin) didn’t work and I was getting URLs like: “ “.

    I deactivated the plugin, the issue is gone. I searched about the “undefined”, this thread suggests something about jscripts, so… I tried and worked (for now). It could be not related, but…

    Also the WordPress logo on the login page disappeared in WP 3.5. Turning BWP minify off fixes the problem.

    Any idea?

    I experienced the same missing image as above on my current testing platform, a quick fix is to create ” wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/images/” then copy the one from “wp-admin/images/wordpress-logo.png”

    As a side note, all my admin toolbar icons disappear when bwp is active.

    Same issue here. It’s not a major problem, but does need a fix really.

    same same here 🙂

    I’m having the same problem…it has to do with the ../ relative link in the wp-includes/admin-bar.css file

    To Fix:
    I made a duplicate copy of the “/wp-includes/images” folder and copy it to “wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/images”

    Now all the images load, but I’m hoping the developer will be able to fix this.

    ivnus, it’s a fix, but kinda dull 🙂 As understand, the best way to fix it, is to use Stylesheet Exclusion method:

    To exclude certain CSS files simply use the snippet below (put it in your theme’s functions.php):

    add_filter('bwp_minify_style_ignore', 'exclude_my_css');
    function exclude_my_css($excluded)
        $excluded = array('handle1', 'handle2');
        return $excluded;

    But the problem with all these exclusion methods (as for scripts or stylesheet), it’s really pain in the ass to know, what is the “handle” of the script/stylesheet. Especially for 3rd party plugins.

    Back to the admin bar bug, this should work (add it to your functions.php)

    add_filter('bwp_minify_style_ignore', 'exclude_my_css');
    function exclude_my_css($excluded)
        $excluded = array('admin-bar');
        return $excluded;
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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