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  • [Please note that this review relates to the commercial version of this plugin rather than the free version hosted here on]

    Terrible experience so far.

    In fact, my clients site is now on a blacklist thanks to this plugin.

    It has been flagged as not meeting the community standards. My clients website is a standard ecommerce website that sells pet products, nothing malicious about it.

    And yet, we’ve had no issue with social sharing before. We’ve used a social count plugin that works.

    Now I am waiting to hear back from Facebook.

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  • How do you know that the error wasn’t yours? Why didn’t you try to contact the plugin’s author about this by posting a topic in the plugin’s support forum?

    Try reviewing:

    Hi Esmi,

    I know that the error wasn’t mine because:

    1) I followed the instructions as laid out in the documentation

    2) In the case of plugins that require an API Key and communicate with Facebook, we’ve used them before on the website. Happy to share evidence of this if needed.

    3) The issue with Facebook occurred directly after having used this plugin.

    In my view, what has conspired is a direct consequence of having used this specific plugin.

    Fundamentally, I am sharing my experience here to let users know that there is a potential risk that something similar may happen to them. It is my duty to do so. The outcome of this experience may result in a direct loss of business for my client.

    If the issue here is that I am not following review etiquette then I apologise. However I did not realise that I was required to write polite reviews, certainly in the case where we’ve paid for premium versions of all plugins from this author – and none have worked as described so far.

    My client, nor I have money to throw away on plugins – we work hard for it. So when I pay for something, I am hoping that it will work as described.

    If you’d like me to redact my review because I am breaking some sort of community rule then please say so.


    I have reached out to the author, I am waiting for a reply.

    I have checked all of your previous posts. All four of them. All were reviews. I cannot see any post to any plugin’s support forum. Please review the links I recommended above.

    As I mentioned in my post, I’ve had negative experiences with all four so far, so I’ve shared them.

    As far as I am aware, there are no plugin support forums – I’ve submitted support tickets via customer panel via my client’s account.

    For paid versions, not free versions*

    Try asking for the pro support resource in

    Or try via the developer’s web site.

    Regarding your note about my last four posts being reviews – I’ve only just created my account recently.

    As I now have an account, I decided to share what I could where I felt it was needed.

    But, as it stands, these reviews are of very limited use. Are they all for commercial plugins? Were you aware that these forums do not support commercial products and that reviews are intended to relate only to free plugins downloaded from ?

    I was not aware actually. Please feel free to remove all reviews in that case.

    I have no desire to impinge on your rights to share your opinions.I’m just trying to ensure that future viewers have a clear understanding of the situation.

    How about I mark each of reviews as relating to the commercial version of the plugin as opposed to the free version available here? Would that be acceptable?

    I’m not here to defame a plugin author here.

    Ultimately, the situation here is that I recommended the authors plugins to a long standing client of mine. By extension, the negative experience of my client with these apps now rests on my head, and damages my own reputation.

    Yes that would be perfectly acceptable.

    Thank you. I’ll get right on that. 🙂

    Plugin Author YITHEMES


    Hello @trostom,
    sorry for the delay. We are very sorry for this bad review. Here of course it is not the exact place to discuss the issues concerning the premium versions of plugins. We are waiting for you on our support platform and we will gladly give you all the assistance you need.

    @esmi Thanks for your help

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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