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  • WordPress 4.7.4
    WC 2.6.14
    OIK (first 0.0.2 but also tried with 0.0.3)

    I know this plugin worked before but now it somehow always uses the first shipping fee. WC has been set in gramms instead of kg. The products have a weight filled in, for example 20. Raising the weight to for example 4999 does not change a thing, it will always pick fee 1.

    I filled in the Shipping Rates like this
    19 / 1.30 / fee 1
    49 / 2.05 / fee
    99 / 2.85 / fee 3
    249 / 3.65 / fee 4
    499 / 4.45 / fee 5
    5000 / 7.45 / fee 6

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  • Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi Bakkie, I’ve set up your shipping rates in the Single rate weight zone shipping for Woocommerce demo site adding a shipping method called Bakkie.

    Note: In this demo site the weight unit is kg.
    Add the 1kg Daldal product to your cart ( ) and adjust the quantity to achieve the desired weight.

    • For shipping to the UK, up to 15kg, you’ll see three different rates.
    • Between 16 and 19kg it’ll just be fee 1: £1.30
    • 20kg – 49kg it’s fee: £2.05
    • etc

    Can you let me know what other Woo related plugins you have activated?

    Hey Bobbingwide,

    Wow great support for a free plugin! I figured out what the problem was, the client did not want to show the weight, and since he did not used other specifications I hid the whole tab (in functions.php). I changed it by just hiding the first entry of the specifications, that is always weight, in css.

    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi Bakkie, can you explain how hiding the tab caused the shipping calculation to fail? Had all the weights been reset to 0 or something?

    If so, can this request now be closed?

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