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  • I installed the Nice Team plugin on my website. There are so many things that don’t work and make it completely unusable.

    Here are just a few examples.

    1) There is no phone number field. There is an email field but no phone number field which is ridiculous – contacting people by phone is as common as it is contacting them by email.

    2) When I add a contact form to a team member’s profile, the resulting web page displays the backend source code instead of the actual contact form.

    3) The shortcode [team] displays the full text of the team member’s page. So if you have a long bio, the team page has a very looooooong vertical wall of text under the team member’s photo where there should be just an excerpt.

    4) When I click through to the individual team member’s page, the styling is really messed up. The headshot is on the left without any margin whatsoever so it looks stuck to the side of the screen. There is almost no padding anywhere so everything looks awkwardly cramped. And so on. (Obviously I could style it via custom CSS but the whole point of this plugin is to have a usable Team page out of the box).

    This plugin was clearly not tested on any real users. What a waste of time!

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your rating. I think it is not fair, though.

    The plugin works. You are using it on, and you don’t have enough flexibility to change templates or add custom fields for example. The fact that it doesn’t come with the features you would like to have by default it doesn’t mean the plugin does not work.

    1) You can add custom fields if you use the plugin in a install. Perhaps you are used to contacting people by phone, but an email is already widely used. We’re in 2017.

    2) I don’t know what plugin you are currently using to include forms. But the team member echoes the content. If the plugin enables forms for the team_member custom post type, then it should be displayed. That has to do with the other plugin you are using.

    3) Again, that’s the default behavior of the plugin. It can be changed.

    4) The style has to do with the theme you are currently using. The plugin comes with a default styling but you can adjust it as you need.

    I’ve seen you already left 1-star reviews to other plugins. So I assume that’s your way to proceed. I think asking for support as the first alternative would be the way to go. There’s a lot of work and effort in many of the plugins you lightly rate as garbage.


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    It’s not a good look to argue with reviewers because they happened to have a negative experience with your plugin. I didn’t exaggerate, I literally described my personal experience, which is the whole point of a review. I also am a developer myself so I have a realistic expectation of what a MVP should be, and I don’t just leave negative reviews, I leave positive reviews as well, as anyone can see from my profile. Please don’t play armchair psychologist with your users – it is not “my way” to leave bad reviews.

    Your response that I can add custom fields is frankly absurd. The whole point of a plugin is that it works without custom coding. Being able to display a phone number for a team member is not some fanciful feature and the fact that you included an email but not a phone number tells me that you didn’t think this through at all.

    Lastly, it is not my responsibility to improve your plugin. I already wasted precious time installing it and trying to make it work so don’t get all huffy that I didn’t contact you for support. Seeing all the bugs and half-baked features doesn’t exactly motivate me to donate more of my time plus I don’t expect support for a free plugin, I just expect it to do what it advertises to do.

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