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    If show 404 page is not turned on, this plugin does not work and allows use rto use either /wp-login.php or the custom url. And if the show 404 page is turned on, it shows a 404 page with header messed up and picks up some default page of its own. Not sure why it would not pick up the theme 404 page.

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  • Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It depends on the theme, we call the 404 page from your theme and it seems that the theme doesn’t have one.

    I will add an option to redirect the 404 to a custom page but in the meantime try to set a 404 page in the theme options (if it has one).


    The theme does have a 404 page. But I also created a custom 404 page and redirected the theme to that. a 404 page redirec is fine or better yet can I send them to home page? Besides that plugin works as stated. Anotherquestion, I had wp Rocket installed and it caused issues so I disabled it. Would like to use WP Rocket and also wordfence. How does your pro version compare to hide my Wp (Codecanyon)? I want to hide WordPress completely. Thoughts and thanks for the quick response.

    Hi Bruno,

    We have the PRO version with a discount on our Donation Site
    The PRO version hides the common paths from WordPress and you can even tell which class patterns to hide from your source code.

    We could only make the PRO version to work with Wp Rocket as we had to use their hooks to rename everything.

    If you have issues with Wp Rocket you can alway count on their support team.

    For the free version of Hide My WP I will add today an upgrade to redirect the wp-admin to a desired custom page 😉

    Hope you enjoy our service and keep your website safe.


    ok, Thanks…Saw the discount and like it. But I have sort of been burnt by the pro hide wp plugins….bought Swift Security Bundle had lots of issues and after a month and no support, gave up on it. Then also bought hide my wp prior to that on codecanyon and also lots of conflicts..SO want to standardize on WP Rocket (support is great) and if yours works, will buy the unlimited sites for $69.00 I appreciate your quick support and for me that is far more important that spending 25-100 bucks on the product but wasting countless hours trying to fix conflicts, with zero support…Not worth the time. Have a lot of sites so this might be good.

    Thanks and I will wait for your update and how can I try the pro version. do you have a demo site?


    We only have the free plugin. We use it to see if the theme and other plugins are working with our plugin.

    We have a strict policy, If we can’t make the plugin work on your website we will refund the money.

    The support time response is under 12 hours and up to 24 hours on holidays.

    I know that support is a big problem and that’s why we are focusing mostly on this part.



    The new version of the plugin is ready and you’ll the changes in the Custom mode.

    If you like our service, please rate our product 5 stars


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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