• After hours trying to get this plugin working I gave up, configuration issues. Documentation is lacking.

    UPDATE: Hours of fiddling around and finally have it working. Again a clear set of installation instructions would make this a 5 star plugin. A pain to set up!

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  • Hi trackoholic, what kind of problems did you run into? If you share with us your issues I am sure someone will help you.

    Kind regards

    I get this error which seems to be commonplace

    incorrect or unreadable the path [Backup Start Path/administrator/backups] needs to be created and be writeable in order for XCloner to work properly

    I have created the folder in the root, I am also wondering what file permissions should you set for these folders?

    Can’t this type of information be included in the installation? Sorry for asking but it would make it a little easier to install.


    After going to the website and reading through the XCloner Configuration instructions I see that this folder according to the instructions is located in the plugins folder/xcloner/administrator/backups.

    Assuming that is correct and I set it to writable it still errors out????

    Argggg, finally. Got it working. I honestly believe that this could be easier with a decent set of installation instructions.

    Hi trackoholic, did you get it working? What did you do to make it work if you don’t mind me asking?

    Kind regards

    Perhaps the problem was the default value 755 for permissions on administrator directory when we install the plugin.

    I had had some difficulties too but this was my lack in understanding and not this of your great documentation. The One-Star valuation has to be assigned ot trackoholic.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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