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    I downloaded this free plugin for cart abandonment thinking it would work right out of the box as stated. After seeing that a webhook needed to be established, I also set up a zapier account, as shown in the CartFlows knowledge video, to fulfill that requirement.

    The plugin is still not working, as in capturing any abandon cart data or details.

    I sent through a support request through CartFlows on Friday, 2/4/22 and still have not received a reply to date.

    I had already recently purchased the CartFlows annual plugin and did not want to set that up until I knew this piece was working properly, which hasn’t happened. I hope I do not have to regret that purchase.

    I am very disappointed with the lack of support and the need to run to different areas to get a reply…ie, Your CartFlows website, FB, here, email…and still not getting a response.

    It’s probably something small or something I’m overlooking but if someone could help I would really appreciate it at this point.


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    Hello @lpshare,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    We tracked your ticket and found that our support team member has replied to your ticket, but you haven’t received the reply due to the invalid recipient’s email address.

    Here is the response to your query.

    The webhook is the optional or additional feature of the plugin. It is not necessary to add it to capture abandoned carts.

    The plugin has its email templates to send the recovery emails. First, you need to activate it from Follow Up Emails Tab. Then, configure the basic settings from the Settings tab, and you are ready to capture abandoned carts and send emails automatically.

    You can use our webhook to perform the other actions like sending the SMS or adding a user to CRM on the Cart Abandonment and Cart recovered trigger. Moreover, using webhook, you can integrate your apps with plugins.

    I hope it clarifies. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks for your reply. I apologize for the email error in my previous ticket submission. This explains why I had no confirmation of receipt when I sent through the support request.

    I initially completed the steps you listed above upon activating the plugin, including updating the emails. I had testers, including myself, go in and intentionally abandon their carts to test that it was working. No one received an email asking if they had checkout trouble and I didn’t see any recoverable orders in the statistics on the backend.

    From there I thought I needed to add the webhook for it to work or to use the coupon option. It’s sounding like I don’t need the webhook at all, but I’m still unclear on why the plugin is not working.

    Any thoughts on where to go from here?

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    Okay, so I deleted the webhook, it still didn’t work. I deactivated and deleted the plugin, cleared the cache, reuploaded the plugin.

    My testers entered data then abandoned their carts before payment and it still did not send the emails to them and did not log the abandoned carts in the stats.

    If anyone can assist, I’d appreciate it, otherwise I’ll just have to look for another product.


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    I am closing this ticket as I have already found another plugin that suits my needs and is more responsive.

    I will also be returning the CartFlows Pro plugin.

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