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  • The initially did not work: “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” Then, it started working suddenly, but I couldn’t test it because PayPal wouldn’t let me login.

    PayPal told me to upgrade to a business account. I re-entered my email address and merchant ID, then I am back to “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” I swear my credentials are correct. This plugin is so damn finicky. Do I need a personal PayPal account for this to work?

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  • Just for clarity:
    When testing you need a testing PayPal Business account ( this goes in the WP-PayPal plugin settings.)
    you must click the testing checkbox in the same settings panel.
    AND when testing a purchase in your site you CAN NOT login to the sandbox area with a real account. It will fail. You can only login to PayPal’s sandbox with a PayPal personal test account.
    Test accounts are available in the Developer section of PayPal
    Good Luck!

    It doesn’t allow me to even log into any PayPal account after clicking on the button. Again, I am getting ““Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.” immediately. Upgrading my PayPay account to business messed up something.

    Anyways, I think I am going to take an entirely different approach and try WP EasyCart.

    Plugin Author Noor Alam


    @oceantodesertdabz, I’m really shocked to see this as I’ve been trying to help you via email in the last couple of days. I have told you numerous times that it’s a tricky error. PayPal doesn’t show exactly why it happens. So you need to try different things to isolate the issue.

    Instead of trying anything you just keep saying that you upgraded your account and can’t log in. You can’t expect someone to help if you don’t cooperate. Goodluck with EasyCart.

    I’m sorry. I did not get any suggestions to try. All I see is you asking me if I was in testing mode. Yes, I was in testing mode when I was testing it.

    Then, you just stopped responding to email. Are you in a different time zone? Does your shift end at 6am PST?

    Clear your cache – stop your browser or use a different one.
    Then go directly to and see if you can log into it with your personal TEST account credentials.
    Don’t do this via the PayPal plugin but rather directly.
    If it fails then troubleshoot that.
    The sandbox version of PayPal will not allow you to use your REAL account – only the test ones.
    If the personal TEST account works, then try the same thing with your business TEST account.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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