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  • Dear User,

    We are very surprised to see your unwarranted feedback. Our Plugin in Free Version does not even have the option to enter any license Key for activation. The free version is a Plug & Play version which works in parallel with our other plugin Google Apps Login.

    Additionally, you never mentioned what exactly is the problem you are facing and you have never tried to contact us as well otherwise we would have definitely helped you.

    Your review which is written in haste only for the purpose of giving a negative feedback is not in a good spirit and we feel due to one bad feedback, our thousands of happy users should not be affected.

    We request you to please get back to us and send us your problem at and we’ll be sure to help you as much as we can.

    We are committed to keep our users happy and will look forward to hear from you soon.

    [ Signature deleted ]

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    @bijaltandel Thanks for the great support but please lose the signature. That’s prohibited in these forums as it’s been horribly abused in the past by others.

    Support Team
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    Yes, bad people ruin it for others. No, I’m not kidding. Please refrain from that.

    I’ve removed the modlook tag added when you reported this topic. I want to hear back from the user about this part.

    Ask for activation on the site that requests the purchase of it


    We haven’t heard back from the user ever. I very much request you to please remove this review as this is very much misleading and incorrect and impacts several satisfied users and new users who may gain by using this plugin.


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    Anyone who has been using wordpress for a long time and wants to use its plugin cannot have difficulty activating the plugin.
    It’s not that the plugin isn’t working, I said FREE didn’t work.
    No one is forced to guess how your plugin works.
    Learn how to communicate to sell your services.
    You should give me at least one TUTORIAL on your site how to activate the plugin, not come to the forum and talk about it!

    If I came to you, that’s why I was interested, but it seems that this is not of value to you.

    Respect my opinion!

    Get a LINK from your TUTORIAL on how it works, and let me judge if it works!

    Use for years WordPress, is a wonderful tool. Your plugin must be the same.

    Thank you!

    Dear @donatelol ,

    We sincerely respect your opinion and appreciate your keen interest. It is our endeavour to keep each and every user of our plugin happy and ensure that they get best out of it.

    Let me help you with this plugin.

    Please know, Google Drive Embedder is a plugin which is dependent on Google OAuth Authentication and for this, it is important and compulsory to have our other plugin Google Apps Login to be installed on your WordPress and have it configured properly. This other plugin “Google Apps Login” is also absolutely free, available on WordPress Plugin Directory and can be configured easily if the instructions are followed carefully.

    You can download the Google Apps Login from following link:

    The detailed setup instruction with step by step guide is given here on our website:

    Once your Google Apps Login plugin is installed and configured properly, you can go ahead and install Google Drive Embedder from WordPress Plugin Directory. The link is as follows:

    Free version of the Google Drive Embedder is a Plug & Play pugin. It needs no configuration. Once installed, it is ready to use.

    To add a Google Drive file in your Page, please create/edit a page, you’ll see the option of “Add Google File”. Click on the button and follow the on screen instruction and you’ll be able to add your Google Drive file easily. The detailed explanation is provided here on our website:

    I hope this helps to get you what you need. We are further very happy to assist you for any question you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us again or we recommend that for faster support, please send us email at and our Plugin support team will be more than happy to help you setup and configure the plugins.

    I really hope you’ll re-visit and will consider to give us a better review here. Rest assured, we are right here to support you all the way, you just need to contact us and explain your problem.

    Awaiting to hear back from your side.

    Best Regards!

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    Authentication Error:

    This app has not been selected
    This app has not yet been selected by Google. Continue only if you know the developer and trust him.

    If you are the developer, please submit a verification request to remove this screen. know more

    Detail: Your tutorial is late. The screens have changed.

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    Another mistake

    Please enable Drive API on the APIs page in Google Cloud Console
    (or reload this page and try again if Drive API is already enabled)

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    Ok. It worked!

    Pretty boring set up, but delivers on what it promises.
    I will change my rating.

    Last question:
    Is it safe to do this? Will images always be available?

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