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    Hi Revive Old post team,

    Great plugin. But the integration with FB does not seem to work. I can’t choose any profiles since it only shows blank box. I’m an experienced user with more than 3 years with Revive Old Post, and I reset and follow the instruction.

    But it does not show the FB profile list to choose.

    This is my website:

    Would you please help?

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  • I have the same issue and the pro version. Still waiting for answers.

    Yup, same problem. When the “choose a profile” box pops up, it is blank. No options.

    Hey there,

    We’d need more information to debug this issue. Can you please open a ticket from here?

    Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

    I have a opened tickets, but haven’t received a reply (either a verification email or an actual reply).

    Can not share on facebook, since 3 days ago the authentication failed please your help.

    Hello, everyone. I think you guys have not visited your websites for a long period of time. Some of you say that the problem is 3 days old. This problem is older than a week.

    I have been using Revive Old Post for almost a year. It was working like a charm. Don’t know what happened to them, however, I also cannot connect my website to my Facebook page. The box opens, and then, it starts loading. This is a neverending loading process.

    I have opened a ticket several days ago, here is what I got

    Thank you for using our products. Please be sure that you use the latest version of Revive Old Post Lite and Pro version, of WordPress and PHP. You can try to deactivate your plugins (especially if you use another plugin for social media) and see if that fix your issue.

    Make sure that your Facebook app is live and have the right authorizations.
    Best regards,

    Madalin Milea
    Happiness Engineer at ReviveSocial

    So if all of us are having the same issue, there must be something serious going with this plugin. I wish the problem will be resolved soon.

    Dear Revive Old Post team, please release your explanations in this support ticket. All of us want to know what is going on with the plugin. Thanks!

    Considering I just purchased the pro 2 or 3 days ago, and I only have a link to Twitter, I’d say the email you got is pretty out of touch.

    So, let’s for a moment say she is right. Why haven’t the Happiness Engineers answered any question or support request?

    Now again; to be clear for any member of ReviveSocial who reads this; I’ve not gotten a auto-reply, a reply, nothing, nada. That’s just poor customer service.

    So, back now to reality – what’s wrong with the Facebook link and Remote Connect???

    Fortunately, I have not bought their PRO version. Plus, Facebook fully suspended my almost 3 years old account a month ago. Moreover, this problem is happening now. It seems that SMM is not a reliable source of web traffic.
    Anyway, we will be waiting until their support team says something to calm us down.
    As for the email I got, I have done everything she requested. I even deleted the plugin and then installed and activated it again. I still had the problem. Then, I created new apps on my new Facebook account. Still, it did not work. Only Revive Old Post team knows what is happening to their plugin.
    Let’s wait.

    Plugin Contributor Hardeep Asrani


    Hey there,

    We’re aware of this issue and we’re working on it. The plugin stopped working without any update so it appears to be an issue due to some change with Facebook API. We’re working on it and will fix it soon, and will update you as we get more information about it.

    You’ve to realize that it’s weekend so it’s just a terrible timing for us, as most of us are off during weekends. Thanks for your support. We will get back to you soon.

    Hardeep Asrani, thank you very much! I want to thank you for this great plugin. Don’t worry much! Enjoy your weekend! It is not an urgent thing!

    Plugin Contributor Hardeep Asrani


    It’s WrestleMania Sunday so yes, I’m gonna enjoy my Sunday night. We’ll keep you updated, and thanks for the cooperation. πŸ™‚

    Hardeep –

    You are missing the point.

    It is NOT that there is a bug. Annoying, absolutely, but that’s life in IT and software.

    The point(s) are that:

    • you’ve deflected the issue. Own it, and deal with it (even if it was caused by Facebook or a 3rd party).
    • your customer service procedures are poor. If you built a support sub-system, than a auto-responder should have been part of it. If, you are delayed in fixing the problem, touching base with the CUSTOMER (whether non-paying or paying) is paramount to keeping that customer.

    You, since you are dealing with a product that interacts with social media should know the power of bad press.

    Hey guys,

    We’ve fixed the issue in our latest release. Please update to the latest version and let us know πŸ™‚

    @wpsivak, We did acknowledge that this was an issue at our end. I am sorry for the trouble but I couldn’t find your email in our mailbox.

    Thank you, part both aspects worked – I was able to configure Facebook. The plugin was able to post.

    Thank you again.

    Got this error when I test posted:

    2-04-2017 06:06:54 PM Connection error: {“meta”:{“status”:400,”msg”:”Bad Request”},”response”:{“errors”:[“Please select a photo to upload.”]}}

    And of course this recurrent error:

    2-04-2017 11:48:35 PM The remote check can not access your website. You need to whitelist this ip in order for the schedule to work properly

    Plugin Contributor Hardeep Asrani


    Can you please start a new thread about this issue? As this thread if for a different issue, and as per Forum Guidelines, users are requested to make new threads for separate issues. πŸ™‚

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