• David Somerfleck


    This plugin does not seem to work with the popular Divi framework as there does not seem to be any way to actually add the code you need, so you can install and activate the plugin but it just does not seem to actually do anything so far.
    Any help would be appreciated….

    Divi’s pop-up menu blocks this plugin’s pop-up menu so it can’t be used. And even after I went ahead and copied and pasted the shortcode that should have included five different RSS feeds, all I got were 3 headlines out of 5 RSS feeds from Google News (with 10 items for each feed selected). So, so far, I’d say the search for an actual RSS feed that works as it says it does continues. I have a page with 5 RSS Feeds from Google News, so I should have at least 40 headlines and all I have are 3. I just checked the pages and each Google News page is filled with at least 20 headlines for each page.

    Is there any way to get the RSS copy and paste code for each feed or for all the site’s feeds? I see no documentation on this anywhere in the plugin page or in the plugin itself. I checked the FAQ section and it suggests adding a general one shortcode – and again all I get are 3 headlines no matter how often I refresh. Yet I know I have 5 RSS feeds from Google News, with 10 items each, and each page has at least 20 headlines and all I can see are 3 headlines.

    Just one RSS plugin that works would be nice….

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  • Hi @affordablewebsitesdenvercom,

    We’re sorry to hear you have been having trouble using the plugin with the Divi Theme and would like to assist you with this.

    Could you give us some more information regarding your installation? Are you using any premium add-ons along with the Free core version of the plugin?

    Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hey @affordablewebsitesdenvercom, have you got any feedback for us on this issue? If you can provide some screenshots or links to the sources’ RSS feeds we can investigate it further for you.

    Also, for future reference, please contact us via a support ticket before leaving a review to ask for help. We’d like to have a chance to help you out before getting to the review 🙂

    Hi, I’m interested in possibly using/purchasing this plugin but I’m also use Divi to power my websites. Were you able to get the issues worked out with themes using the Divi Builder along with Monarch & Bloom (Elegant Themes’ other two plugins)?

    David Somerfleck


    My experience was that only the first RSS entry displayed any results, the others simply did not show up no matter how many times you clear the cache or refresh or run CCleaner.

    Oh, so this was never cleared up or a final statement by the authors on the matter was never made in the support ticket system?

    Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hi folks, @affordablewebsitesdenvercom we’d like to investigate this further with you. Can you please contact us at the link below (select the Other option in the form)?

    If you can provide us with some screenshots or screencasts of the issue, and perhaps the current version of your theme (Divi) along with any of the settings you used for it, we will do our best to figure out the cause for this issue on our end.

    @jimario, thank you for your interest in WP RSS Aggregator. You are also welcome to contact us directly on the below link to ask any specific questions or for more feedback.

    Once we figure this issue out, we will provide an update on this thread.

    Contact us on: https://www.wprssaggregator.com/contact/

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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